Bachelor of Commerce vs a Bachelor of Business?

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Are you interested in studying a degree in business at Murdoch? You have the option to choose between a Bachelor of Business or a Bachelor of Commerce. ​

Understanding the difference between the two courses could influence your choice of the degree you study and your future career. No matter which course you pick, both will prepare you to think for yourself, expose you to leaders in the industry and set you up for a successful career in an evolving world of business.                                                   

Bachelor of Commerce: specialised knowledge co-designed and co-delivered with industry

The Bachelor of Commerce is our newest degree to help prepare you for the evolving world of business - and it can be completed in just two years.

Collaborating with professionals who have experience in industries like insurance, education, hospitality, banking, mining, construction and engineering, we’ve developed the new Bachelor of Commerce, to be creative, flexible and agile, and perfect for those wanting to specialise in either HR Management and Analytics or Professional Accounting.

From day one, you’ll be immersed in professional settings drawing on real-world knowledge through internships, simulations and industry projects.

Head of the Murdoch Business School, Antonia, Girardi, says the Bachelor of Commerce focuses on data, digital technology and analytics to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to use data to inform decisions.

“No matter what the nature of the future work landscape is, it is clear that the future workforce will need to be equipped with data and digital literacy skills to inform evidence-based decision making.”

Bachelor of Business: broad business knowledge for to solve business problems

Our Bachelor of Business is the perfect choice for those wanting to get a more general taste for business but with the option to specialise in one or two specific fields. With a wide range of majors to choose from, you could focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management, Business Law or Global Business and Politics.

A Bachelor of Business will give you the chance to develop the business and management skills you’ll need to shape business interactions in a creative, inclusive and ethical way. You’ll learn how to create complex strategies spanning a range of business settings – an important skill if you’re looking to start your own business.

Head of the Murdoch Business School, Antonia Girardi says not only is a Bachelor of Business agile and can be adapted to suit student needs, it’s a great option for those looking at a double major.

“A double major is a great way to explore two subject areas in depth. The combinations can be tailored not only to your strengths but can also signal to the employer a unique skill set which sets you apart from other graduates.”

For instance, have you ever thought of what it might be like to be an ‘HR Entrepreneur’?  If you enrol in a double major – Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation – you will find out!”

No matter which business degree you choose, you will leave Murdoch with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a constantly evolving world.

If you’re ready to start your business career, visit the Bachelor of Business of Bachelor of Commerce course pages for more information and to apply.
Posted on:

17 Mar 2021



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