Are you eligible for a scholarship in health, renewable or environmental studies?


Making the right choices when it comes to setting yourself up for a rewarding career is an important consideration, especially when it comes to pursuing a degree.

Studying at university is a life-changing experience and often requires some support, and a scholarship can play an important role to help fund your career goals and provide the opportunity to focus on a well-rounded university experience.

If you’re a school leaver or have taken a gap year and aspire to create change through health, renewables or environmental studies you could be eligible for a Westpac Young Technologist Scholarship. Valued at $15,000 over three years, the scholarship can advance your career goals by helping you gain the skills you need to become a strong leader, and give you access to a network of people with similar goals, interests and aspirations.  

2019 recipients are already making the most of their scholarship experience. Through internship and networking opportunities they are striving to become stronger leaders and to one day turn their passion in technology-enabled solutions within health, renewables or environmental studies into a successful career when they finish university.

Rosemary, who is currently studying environmental engineering, said the scholarship has given her the opportunity to meet people passionate about innovation and changing the world.

 “I hope my studies and this scholarship will result in me becoming a passionate environmental engineer who understands how the different disciplines of technology can interconnect to enact positive change for the future,” says Rosemary.

Natasha Gill, who is studying laboratory medicine and forensic biology and toxicology, says she is interested in learning how the human body works, and how medical technology can assist.

“The scholarship is an opportunity to work with like-minded people to create a better future using the technology we already have and what we develop with our shared knowledge,” says Natasha.

Murdoch is one of five Australian universities to partner with Westpac Scholars Trust to offer the scholarship. This is the second year the University will award the scholarships.

Are you ready to take the next step? Check out if you are eligible for the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship today.

Posted on:

12 Sep 2019

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