Finances & funding

Budgeting for overseas study may sound daunting but don't be discouraged – it can be affordable and there are a number of funding options available.


  • Exchange program
    You’ll pay your usual Murdoch University course fee, there is no extra tuition fee at your host university. You may also need to pay an administration fee, similar to SSAF.

  • Short-term study abroad and international internships
    You’ll pay a program fee to the university/provider. If you get credit towards your Murdoch University degree, you’ll receive advanced standing. For an international internship, you are required to enrol in a Murdoch University unit simultaneously as per usual.
  • International study tours
    In most cases you’ll pay your usual Murdoch University unit fee, there is no extra tuition involved.

Other costs

  • Living expenses

    In many places where we have partner universities and programs, the cost of living will be similar or cheaper to Perth.

    Remember that you won't have costs in Perth during your time abroad so you already have this money to spend overseas on living expenses.

    However, please note that you might spend more due to domestic travel during your time abroad.

  • Insurance

    You are automatically insured for travel and health during your time abroad and a few days before and after through Murdoch University. This insurance is free of charge. You only need additional travel insurance if you’d like to travel before or after your overseas experience.

  • Accommodation

    If you go on Exchange, you can live on or off-campus. Costs are usually slightly lower than in Perth, depending on where you live. Sharing a room is the cheapest option, while having your own single apartment would be often the most expensive alternative.

    For all other programs, accommodation is usually arranged by the program organiser and may vary between programs.

  • International flights and domestic travel

    There are some great deals around for students. Do some research online and talk to travel agents such as STA Travel on campus. The closer it gets to the proposed flight date, the more expenses flights get.

  • Visa

    For some countries you need a visa – check the consulate website for prices.

Government support


    If you are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place, you may be eligible for OS-HELP, a loan designed to help pay for airfares, accommodation or other travel costs associated with your overseas experience.

    OS-HELP is available for students going overseas on Exchange, short-term study abroad, an international study tour or international internship.

    Find out about OS-HELP

  • Centrelink Youth Allowance

    If you are currently receiving Youth Allowance, this will continue while you're abroad.If you're not currently eligible for this funding but you are applying for the Exchange Program, it's worth speaking to your local Centrelink Office. Due to the changes in your circumstance, as you're moving out of home, going on Exchange may make you eligible for this funding.

    For more information see Centrelink Youth Allowance

Exchange scholarships

Murdoch offers several scholarships each semester for students participating in the Exchange Program. They are awarded based on your personal statement and letter of motivation, as well as your grades. Find out more detailed information about our Scholarships by joining our Murdoch Outbound LMS Community. For students considering studying in the Indo-Pacific region, you might want to consider applying for the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

To be considered for a Murdoch Exchange scholarship, you have to apply for Exchange before the deadline.

The University of Oldenburg (Germany) offers a student mobility grant for Exchange students called STEP IN. The grant is worth 2,000 Euro (about $A2,800). The application deadline for this grant is November of each year. Contact usβ€―to find out more.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Austria), through the OEAD (Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation), offers Exchange students the Ernst Mach Grant. This grant includes a monthly grant rate 1,050 Euro

See Exchange scholarships

Renee at a beach in Ireland
My Exchange was luckily helped by the Murdoch scholarship which made it possible for me to afford to study abroad. Renee – Exchange to University of Limerick, Ireland