Getting started at Murdoch

Congratulations on starting your university journey! We are excited to welcome you to our community of free thinkers. Here’s what to do once you have accepted your offer.

There are three key steps you need to complete: enrol in units, sign up for your class timetable and attend Orientation Week.

Plan and enrol in your units of study
Choose your weekly class timetable
Register and attend O-Week activities

Step 1: Enrol

Plan and enrol in your units of study for the year.

Unit enrolments open late in the year for the following year – you’ll be notified by email when enrolment are open. You can begin planning your units before enrolments are open.

How to enrol

If enrolment isn’t open yet, here are some other ways you can get ahead:

Step 2: Class sign up

If you’re studying on campus, you need to sign up for your class timetable through myMurdoch.

Class sign up commences one to two months before semester - you’ll be notified by email when class sign up opens.

Select your classes

Waiting for O-Week? Here are some other important tasks to do in the meantime:

  • Pay or defer your fees
    • If you’re deferring your fees, you need to fill out the ECAF and SA-HELP forms using your Tax File Number in the ‘self-enrolment’ part of the student portal
    • If you’re paying your fees upfront, your invoice will be ready about a month before each semester. View your invoice in the ‘outstanding balance’ part of the student portal
  • Plan how to get to campus and order a parking permit online if you’re driving (available from mid-January for each year)

Step 3: Attend O-Week

Orientation Week, or O-Week, is at the start of each semester and is the best way to prepare for life as a Murdoch student. It’s a great chance to meet academics, make new friends, explore the campus and get your student ID card.

Visit the O-Week website