Meet the new Murdoch Handbook

The new Murdoch Handbook may look different, but you can still find all the same information that was in the old version. It’s now integrated with myMurdoch so the Handbook remains your first stop when looking for anything related to courses, while myMurdoch continues to be the place to find a range of helpful information including important dates and deadlines.

Old Handbook Menu

1 Search Handbook

Although it looks very different to the old version, the Murdoch University Handbook is still the place to search for up-to-date information on courses, co-majors, majors, minors or units.

A key difference with the new Handbook is that courses now have their own record, distinct from majors. For example, you will find an entry for the major Marine Biology (MJ-MRNB) as well as the Bachelor of Science course (B1317).

You can find the overall structure for a course on the course page, including any associated majors, whereas a major page will only display the structure for the major itself.

More detailed information is available in the Quick Reference Guide.


2 Principal Dates and Teaching Periods

All the important dates you need to know are now in one easy to find location. Whether you're looking for holiday dates and exam deadlines, the start and end dates of a specific teaching periods or want to view the Academic Calendar, the new Key Dates section is the place to go.

View the new Key Dates section

3 General Information

The general information previously contained in the Handbook is also available on the public Murdoch University website and throughout myMurdoch Support & Advice.

4 Course Planning Page

A wide range of course plans are available to assist you in choosing your major(s) and units before you enrol.

View the new Course Plans page

5 Award Titles & Abbreviations

A searchable list of all Murdoch awards, current and historical, and the time periods in which they were offered, can be accessed on the Murdoch University website.

View the new Award Titles & Abbreviations page

6 Fee Calculator

The Tuition Fee Calculator has been completely redesigned to make it easier to understand what you need to enrol in to complete your studies, and the total cost of your tuition.

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