Self-enrolment steps

Enrolling in OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint and FlexiTrack can all be done online. It helps to have your student number, tax file number (TFN) and SmartRider number ready before getting started.

If you haven’t got a TFN yet, it’s ok. You should apply for one soon. You will need this to access a HECS-HELP loan when you start an undergraduate degree in the future. You can also add your SmartRider at any time if you haven’t currently got one.

If you experience any issues with your self-enrolment steps, please contact:

Self-enrol by following the below steps

  1. Disclaimer: This is your declaration that you will comply with the conditions of use at Murdoch University. You only need to do this once per year.
  2. Services: You can choose to be a Murdoch Student Guild member, apply for a student concession SmartRider and nominate if you’re a member of the Australian Defence Force.

    The Elite Athlete Program is not available to OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint or FlexiTrack students so please select ‘none’. If you play sport at a national or international level, you could be eligible for the program once you start an undergraduate degree.

  3. Statistics: We are required to record this information for your enrolment. Please read all questions carefully. Most questions are straightforward but some points to note include:
    • Question 1: If you have a disability and wish to disclose it to the University, our Equity Access and Diversity Office may be able to support you in your studies. If you select to be contacted, we will contact you to make an appointment to discuss how we can assist you.
    • Question 2: Our Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre provides academic and cultural support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. For more information, visit Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre.
    • Question 9: If you didn’t complete Year 12, TAFE or any other qualification or certificate, please select ‘no prior education attainment’.
  4. Course: You can view your course name, status and campus location, then click next.
  5. Commonwealth Assistance Form (ECAF Form): OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint and FlexiTrack are all free, so you will not incur any fees, however you need to complete the Commonwealth Assistance Form (ECAF Form). This ensures we are eligible to receive federal funding for your place in the program.

    It helps to have your tax file number when completing this form. If you haven’t got a TFN yet, you can complete the form without one.

    Most questions are straightforward but note:

    • Question 9: You will not be charged any fees. You need to complete this question as follows:
      • Australian citizens or humanitarian visa holders, select ‘obtain a HECS-HELP loan for all or part of my student contribution amount.’
      • Australian permanent residents or NZ citizens, select ‘full upfront payment of my student contribution amount.’

    You are enrolling into an enabling course which is fully funded so there will be no student contribution for your course. You will not be liable for any fees.

    Further information about the Commonwealth Assistance Form is available at

  6. SA-HELP Form: This is only relevant to eligible students who are charged the Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF). You will not be charged for this fee in an enabling course so please skip this step.
  7. Units: Find the unit code by clicking on the course structure button on the course pages of OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint and FlexiTrack. Add the units by searching for the unit code. Select the relevant teaching period and location then press ‘add to cart’. Make sure you press ‘save my changes’ button once you finish adding units to ensure your enrolment is saved.

    Your status will initially appear as ‘inactive’ – don’t worry, this is correct! It will remain as ‘inactive’ until semester begins, then will automatically change to ‘enrolled.’