OnTrack and FlexiTrack

When you receive your offer letter, you need to accept your offer to confirm your place. Then you can enrol online for either OnTrack or FlexiTrack.

1. Accept your offer

Using the Online Response System you can accept, defer or reject your offer. You will need your student number from your letter of offer and your date of birth. During this process you can also set up your student account and confirm your mobile number and email address.

2. Enrol in your unit


After accepting your offer, you can enrol in your unit by logging in to MyInfo and completing the self-enrolment steps (within the course details section). You can find the unit you need to enrol in on the course structure pages:

View the self-enrolment steps for instructions on how to enrol.


If you are studying Flexitrack you must decide on your study mode before enrolling in units.

You can choose to combine your units in one teaching period or take breaks in between. All four modules must be completed within five teaching periods (50 weeks) in one of the three study modes:

  • Full-time (20 weeks) – enrol in four units in two consecutive teaching periods in the following combination:
    • EQU081 and EQU082 then
    • EQU083 and EQU084
  • Part-time (30 to 50 weeks) – enrol in all four units within five teaching periods in the following order:
    • EQU081
    • EQU082
    • EQU083
    • EQU084
    • Please note for full-time and part-time modes:

      • These do not have to be consecutive teaching periods, but must be completed within 50 weeks (5 consecutive teaching periods).
      • You can switch between full-time and part-time mode by altering the number of units that you are enrolled in, however, no more than two units can be taken in any given teaching periods, with the exception of the summer intensive (four units over SUM2 teaching period).
      • You cannot enrol in EQU082 and EQU083 at the same time.
  • Intensive (10 weeks) – enrol in all four units in one teaching period (only available during the summer teaching period)

    Note: EQU083 and EQU084 may appear as INVALID

    Email flexitrack@murdoch.edu.au to seek approval to enrol in the Intensive mode

You can now enrol in your units by logging into MyInfo then completing the self-enrolment steps.

View the self-enrolment steps for instructions on how to enrol.

3. View your enrolment details

You can view the units you’re enrolled in on your learning page within our student portal, MyMurdoch. This is where you can access a range of handy information while studying at Murdoch, including information about your course and important messages.

Your Statement of Enrolment can be used as proof of enrolment and is available once you have enrolled in your units. You can find this in MyInfo > course details.

Your timetable and other details

You will be advised of your timetable and other details at different times depending on your course.

  • OnTrack – You can sign up for classes when class sign up opens through MyMurdoch > MyInfo > Class sign up. You will receive a notification when class sign up is open.
  • FlexiTrack – you will receive further information regarding your unit closer commencement date. Course start dates are published on the FlexiTrack website.