Information for Third Party Providers

Third Party Providers (TPPs) are external companies that offer and organise a range of programs, including but not limited to internships, volunteering, discipline-led study tours and experiential learning.

Experts in their fields, Murdoch University values the work they do and the knowledge they have, filling gaps of programs Murdoch does not offer and often using best practice. Most TPPs are responsible for the initial student advising and application, pre-departure information, in-country pastoral care and support as well as risk management.

Murdoch University has a thorough due-diligence process and only allows approved and endorsed TPPs to advertise their programs to the Murdoch University community. Murdoch University also advises its staff and students to only engage with TPPs that have gone through the process and have been approved and endorsed.

How do you become a Third Party Provider at Murdoch University?

  1. Apply to become a TPP. Some of the questions involve the history of your company, program details, costing, insurance and risk management, PSEAH and Child Protection Policy information as well as licenses/finances, academic credit and references.
  2. The Murdoch TPP panel will assess your application against a range of selection criteria, including location and risk, duty of care, academic credit, cost and Murdoch's International Strategy. The panel accesses applications twice a year, June and December.
  3. If your application has been successfully assessed, we will enter into a TPP agreement. Once the agreement has been signed, you are able to engage with the Murdoch University community.

*Update August 2021: Murdoch University works with a variety of TPPs, offering a diverse range of programs in multiple locations. We therefore do not accept any new application until further notice. Please check again in June 2022 for further updates.