Get ready to go

Congratulations – you’ve been accepted to go on Exchange and have the adventure of a lifetime. There are a few things to take care of before jetting off.

Finalise your study arrangements

Now that your placement with your host university is confirmed you can enrol in units and arrange for credit transfer.

  1. Research the units offered at your host university and provide any documentation necessary to your academic chair.
  2. Finalise your enrolment with your host university.
  3. Liaise with your Student Mobility Officer at Murdoch to update your Credit Transfer Form.
  4. Get approval for your finalised enrolment from your academic chair – this ensures that the credit you earn overseas will go towards your Murdoch degree.

Attend our pre-departure session

Meet students that are going on Exchange at the same time as you and find out who else will be attending your host university at our pre-departure orientation session.

The session is compulsory and will provide you with essential information about Exchange.

Sessions are usually held during the study breaks in May and November, before exams. You’ll be notified of the details closer to the date.

Organise your visa

Most countries will require you to have a student visa, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the visa requirements and documents you’ll be asked to provide. You can apply for a visa once you have been accepted at your host university.

Visa applications differ depending on the country and if you intend to study for one or two semesters. Note that not every student visa allows you to work.

Find a place to call home

Every university has on-campus housing opportunities or an office which can help you finding off-campus housing. Depending on which host university you will be attending, you may apply for housing with your initial application.

Check your host university website for more detailed information on how to apply for housing and what is available.

Seek financial support

By applying before the Exchange deadline, you are automatically eligible to be considered for any Murdoch scholarship available for each semester. Even if you are not awarded a scholarship, you can still go on Exchange. You may also be eligible for government support or external scholarships.

Learn more about finances and funding options

Understand your insurance

Every student will automatically be insured for travel and health by Murdoch University, free of charge, for the duration of their semester abroad. Find out more about our insurance policies. If you have any questions about insurance, contact Jenny Cameron or call 9360 7280.

Melanie with friends in Hong Kong
Exchange puts you into situations you were never prepared for, hypes all your emotions and challenges you to think for yourself.Melanie – Exchange to City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong