International study tours

Enhance your education and employability by participating in a short-term academic program or placement with other Murdoch students from your discipline.

You’ll get to experience new cultures while building real-world experience in your field of study. An international study tour gives you the opportunity to:

  • relate your education to real-world experiences
  • make industry contacts
  • build international networks
  • compare technological and management innovations between countries.

Study tours

  • Science
    Program Veterinary Science Placements
    Locations Namibia and Thailand
    Contact School of Veterinary and Life Sciences
    Program Chinese Food & Agriculture Innovation
    Locations China
    Contact Lis Pannier;; (08) 9360 6397
    Program Forensic Science: Breaking down barriers for justice: an intercultural approach to Crime Scene Investigation
    Locations Malaysia
    Contact Paola Magni;; (08) 9360 7563
    Program Future Chemist and Physicists International Summer Camp
    Locations China
    Contact Drew Parsons;; (08) 9360 6443
  • Health
    Program Clinical Nursing Placements
    Locations Thailand, Vietnam, and Scotland
    Contact Caroline Brown;; 9582 55564
  • Engineering
    Program Kerala Mobility Project: Improving organic waste management for beneficial outcomes
    Locations India
    Contact Martin Anda;; (08) 9360 6123
    Program Integrated water treatment and renewable energy systems
    Locations Indonesia
    Contact Martin Anda;; (08) 9360 6123
  • Teaching
    Program Teaching placements
    Locations Thailand, Singapore, and Canada
    Contact Sue Ledger;; 9360 7477
  • Arts
    Program Cross Cultural Rebranding and Graphic Design Professional Practicum
    Locations Singapore
    Contact Mark Cypher;; (08) 9360 2240
  • Law
    Program Summer Program
    Locations Italy
    Contact Shirley Jones;; 9360 6192
    Program International Human Rights Program
    Locations Switzerland
    Contact Shirley Jones;; 9360 6192
    Program International Law and Security
    Locations India
    Program Business and Commercial Law
    Locations Indonesia
    Program International Trade Law in practice
    Duration 3 month internship
    Locations Germany
  • Social Sciences
    Program Sustainable Community Development Practicum
    Locations Indonesia
    Contact Carol Warren;; (08) 9360 2345
Nursing students in Vietnam
Experience a different culture, different medical systems, widen your perspectives on life. Sienna – overseas clinical nursing placement, Vietnam