Are you willing to share your ideas on how we can improve the learning experience for you and your peers? We want to hear from you!

Throughout the year, you can participate in a range of confidential online surveys so you can to tell us more about your experience as a Murdoch student.

What do we do with your feedback?

We use unit evaluation survey information, along with other data and information sources, to guide improvements in teaching and learning at Murdoch University. We take a confidential ‘snapshot’ of the all the feedback then send aggregated reports to academics in the study areas. They then consider all the student views received and make changes where necessary.

Examples of improvements made to units due to student feedback include:

  • reduced the number of assessments during semester
  • moved to submitting assignments online
  • changed lunch break time and duration
  • provided samples of student’s work to support learning
  • introduced video feedback on assignments
  • created animated videos explaining unit and assessment organisation.

How and when do you participate?

We run our unit evaluation surveys through Myfeedback so keep your eye out for an email in your student inbox for the opportunity to participate. It will contain information on how and when to access the survey.

Our surveys are run at different times points throughout the year, usually between February and November. You could also be invited to participate in surveys after you graduate.

External research agencies endorsed by Murdoch, such as the Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey and the i-graduate International Student Barometer (ISB) also run surveys throughout the year. You may receive an email from them with instructions on how and when to participate.


Prize draws

Survey incentives (usually prize draws) are a way to thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback. We run two competitions through Myfeedback.

We aim to conduct the prize draw as soon as possible after the survey close date, but no later than one month. You will be notified by email if you’re a lucky winner.

External agencies may also run prize draws and the timings for these may vary. QILT surveys provide prize winner information on their Facebook and Twitter pages and ISB contact prize winners directly.

  • 2021 competition period one prize winners
    • E. Shaw – Law and Criminology
    • O. Deakin – Agricultural Sciences
    • H. Bryers – Agricultural Sciences
    • J. Paturau – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • C. Tandy – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • G. Singh – Law and Criminology
    • C. Kloosterman – IT, Media and Communications
    • J. Radivojevic – Law and Criminology
    • S. Richardson – Engineering and Energy
    • Anonymous
  • 2020 competition period two prize winners
    • W. Litchfield – Veterinary Medicine
    • M. Jones – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • J. Ewing - Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • A. Riebeseel – Education
    • L.Cooper - Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • M. Edmonds – Education
    • S. Cho – Nursing
    • M. Snarska – Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences
    • K. Briggs – Law and Criminology
  • 2020 competition period one prize winners
    • S.Fielder – Education
    • C.Gray – Global Studies
    • K.Ng – Agriculture Science
    • C.Domasz – Creative Media, Arts and Design
    • B.Kapernick – Environmental and Conservation Science
    • C.Dickson – Global Studies
    • A.Gallo – Business
    • S.Korwa – Psychology, Counselling Exercise Science and Chiropractic
    • C.Quintel – Business
    • H.Hancock – Education G.Kelleher – Medical. Molecular and Forensic Science
    • E.Miles – Nursing
  • 2020 pulse unit survey prize winners
    • D.Ham – Law & Criminology
    • B.Rogowsky – Law & Criminology
    • J.Rose – Agriculture Science
    • R.Kaur – Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics
    • F.Chisanga – Law & Criminology, Business
    • J.Edwards – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science And Chiropractic
    • M.Edwards – Education
    • G.Bennett – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science And Chiropractic
    • H.Al Asedy – Law &Criminology
    • A.Bryant – Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science And Chiropractic
    • R.Brown – Creative Media, Arts & Design
    • N.Kandel – Law & Criminology
    • S.Sudholz – Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Education
    • T.Wilson – Business
    • K.Austria – Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Education
    • R.Sandhu – Global Studies
    • S.Jokic – Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Education
    • L.Monforti – Business
    • A.Lu – Medical, Molecular & Forensic Science


  • How are surveys kept confidential?

    We know how important your privacy is, so ensuring your anonymity is of highest priority. Individual responses to surveys are combined with all other student responses and reported in aggregated form. Feedback on unit and teaching surveys is not given to teaching staff during semester so it cannot influence your grades.

    We do pass the written comments onto teaching staff however the only way your confidentiality could be compromised is if you identify yourself in the comments section.

    We also abide by the Code of Professional Conduct and we are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

  • When are unit survey reports given to staff?

    Standard end of unit survey reports are released to staff after students receive their final grade.

    If a short pulse survey is conducted, the report is released quickly to staff so they can adjust the delivery during the semester. If this occurs, it will be stated in the introduction to the survey. However, as reports are confidential, they cannot be linked back to you as an individual.

  • I’ve received an email from QILT about a survey. What do I do?

    As with all surveys, it’s your choice whether you participate. Read the information in the QILT email – the surveys are supported by Murdoch University and your feedback is valued. These surveys are important, nationally-run surveys that are sent to students studying at an Australian university.

  • Who are the Social Research Centre?

    This is the research consultancy contracted by the Federal Government Department of Education to run the QILT surveys. For more information, visit the QILT website.