Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a free, voluntary academic assistance program that uses peer-led group study to help students succeed in challenging subjects.

PASS sessions are held on campus at Perth and Mandurah and are facilitated by PASS Leaders – senior students who have excelled in the subject in the past. The sessions provide a valuable opportunity for students to seek help and advice in a friendly, relaxed environment.

A typical PASS class is an hour-long study session in a classroom on campus and might include:

  • a review of the lecture and assigned readings
  • group work and discussions
  • problem-solving and critical thinking activities
  • how to prepare for assignments, tests and exams (or mock exams)
  • discussion of key course concepts.

Benefits of attending PASS sessions

Evidence shows that students who attend PASS regularly achieve higher results and are more likely to pass and remain enrolled in their units. PASS is also a great way to connect with other students studying the same course.

PASS will help you to:

  • accelerate understanding of unit content
  • build new study and learning skills
  • know what to do in your assignments and tests
  • improve your grades through regular attendance
  • meet people in your course and have fun learning together.

Units available for PASS sessions

Specific units are selected for PASS sessions each semester based on need by the Peer Learning and Support Coordinator in consultation with the Dean of Learning and Teaching within each college. If you are interested in PASS being offered for your unit, please contact the Peer Learning and Support Coordinator to discuss if this program is appropriate for your unit.

  • Undergraduate units
    • BIO152 Cell Biology
    • BMS107 Foundations of Vertebrate Form and Function
    • BSL165 Foundations of Business Law
    • BUS123 Management in a Global Environment
    • CHE140 Fundamentals of Chemistry
    • CHE144 Foundations of Chemistry
    • CRM100 Introduction to Criminology
    • EDN114 Thinking Mathematically
    • EDN115 Thinking Scientifically
    • ICT169 Foundations of Data Communications
    • ICT170 Foundations of Computer Systems
    • LLB152 Torts
    • MAS162 Foundations of Discrete Mathematics
    • MAS164 Fundamentals of Mathematics
    • MAS182 Applied Mathematics
    • MAS183 Statistical Data Analysis
    • NUR121 The Healthy Human Body 2
    • PSY173 Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
    • PSY297 Psychology: Sensation and Perception

Sign up now

If PASS is running for your unit, PASS leaders will be at the first main lecture. The enrolment process is similar to tutorials – you may select from all of the times available for your subject and enrol in one. We recommend you enrol as soon as possible, as places are limited and they often fill up quickly.

You can begin attending in any week of semester, however the proven benefits of PASS are greatest for students who attend five or more sessions during the semester, and so we recommend you start attending in week two.

Check session times and sign up online

Are you interested in becoming a PASS or PAC leader?

The positions of PASS leaders are highly competitive. Recruitment typically begins two to three months before the beginning of semester.

Find out more about becoming a leader