Submitting your thesis

There are a lot of regulations and requirements you must follow in order to successfully submit your thesis. We have put together a handy quick guide for you, to make sure you don’t miss any steps.

Quick guide

Please ensure you follow the following steps when preparing and submitting your thesis for examination.

  1. At least 2 months before you submit your thesis for examination, the following must take place:
    • Candidates must submit the thesis title and a draft abstract of approximately 300 words to the Graduate Research office, their supervisors and relevant Graduate Research Director as notification of their intention to submit. This needs to be submitted via the Integrated Research Management Application (IRMA).
    • Candidates must arrange to present their pre-submission seminar. See the Graduate Research Degrees Advisory Committee Guideline for more details (must be signed in to  Policy & Procedure Manager to view).
    • The Principal Supervisor must nominate recommended examiners in accordance with the Graduate Research Degrees Regulations for the relevant degree, confirm with them their agreement to be nominated as an examiner, and submit the nominations on the Nomination of Examiner form to the Graduate Research office via IRMA.
  2. The Principal Supervisor will send the abstract to the examiners.
  3. The Principal Supervisor must provide a statement as required by the Graduate Research Degrees Regulations on the Supervisor Statement form.
  4. The candidate and Principal Supervisor must jointly sign a Student/Supervisor Declaration form for submission to the Graduate Research office via IRMA.
  5. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the Graduate Research office will not despatch the thesis to examiners until the following forms have been received via IRMA and the nominated examiners have been approved by the Dean:
    • Nomination of Examiner form
    • Supervisor Statement form
    • Student/Supervisor Declaration form

Candidates for Doctoral degrees must submit electronic (PDF) and up to three print copies for examination. Candidates for Masters degrees must submit electronic (PDF) and up to two print copies for examination. The exact number of print copies is specified by their Graduate Research Contact Officer to meet examiner requirements. Electronic copies are to be submitted via IRMA. If print copies are required by examiners, candidates should submit them in spiral-bound form.