You can search and access a selection of past exam papers that have been released in the last five years. Answers and solutions are not provided.

Search for past exam papers

You can search for past exam papers by unit code (e.g. BIO152) or unit title (e.g. Cell Biology).

Can't find it? 

If you do not know the exact unit code, you can search using a unit code prefix followed by the wildcard symbol *, for example 'VET*'. This will display exam papers for all units starting with ‘VET’, if any.  

Unit codes and unit titles may change over time, so try searching using unit title or check the Handbook for the updated unit code.  

Finally, if you cannot find a past exam paper for a unit, it may not have been released to the Library. Past exam papers are provided to the Library at the discretion of Unit Coordinators. Contact your unit coordinator directly for more details.