Peet Collection

The Peet Collection contains the library and personal papers of the journalist George Peet (1902-1985) who was on the staff of the Straits Times (Singapore) from 1923-1951.

The collection consists of some 200 books treating the history and society of Singapore and the Malay Peninsula together with 29 files, some correspondence, 10 volumes of news cuttings and a scrapbook. These provide much information about the local history of Malaya and Singapore and the development of their present societies.

The collection was donated to Murdoch University Library by Professor Peter Boyce, George Peet's son-in-law and the Vice-Chancellor of Murdoch University from 1985 -1996.

The oldest book in the collection is William Marsden's The History of Sumatra (1784). Many books in the collection are first editions from the period between the 1840s and the 1930s. There are also a number of more recent publications covering the postwar period up to 1975. The history and culture of Singapore, Malaya and Borneo and the Indian Ocean Basin are represented from the time of European settlement - there are also some works dealing with the pre-eighteenth century world.

There is also a discontinuous run of the Straits Times Annual from 1937-1983.

Files and news cuttings

These cover Peet's journalistic career from the 1930s through to his last trip to Singapore in 1985 for the launching of his book Rickshaw Reporter at the Raffles Hotel. Cuttings of all Peet's writings are included together with his leaders when editor of the Straits Times from 1947-52, and his various columns.

Also collected is a series from the Straits Times - Memories of a Malayan Civil Servant by R.J. Farrer, C.M.G. and a chronicle of Malayan rural life called The Countryman's Journal which appeared in the paper from 1947-1961. This was written by James Alphonse Le Doux, a retired planter who first went to Kota Tinggi in 1906.

There are also cuttings from other papers, miscellaneous periodical articles on Singapore, typescripts, correspondence and personal notebooks.

This information about the collection has been taken from the Guide and the author's permission to use his work is gratefully acknowledged.

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