Film Tie-in Collection

The Film Tie-in Collection consists of almost 2,000 print items dating mainly from the 1980s and 1990s with a focus on Australian and British films. This special collection has been developed over many years by Murdoch University Library staff in collaboration with academic staff in support of their teaching programs and areas of research focus.

There are four types of film and TV tie-in in this collection which have a direct relationship with and complement specific films:

  • original novels which have subsequently been made into films
  • reissues of previous novels which have been adapted into films (repackaged with the movie logo and sometimes with a different title)
  • novelisations of film screenplays
  • novels based on films.

For further information about film tie-ins see Films into Books: an analytical bibliography of film, novelisations, movie and TV tie-ins in the Library's general collection.

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Preferred citation

[Identification of item], Film Tie-in Collection, FT 791, Special Collections, Murdoch University Library, Murdoch, Western Australia.

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