Overdue fines and replacement charges

Return your items by the due date to avoid overdue fines or replacement charges. Keep track of your fines and charges via  My Library or make payments online.


Overdue fines

The Library charges overdue fines for items:  

  • from our High Demand collection,  
  • requested/recalled by another borrower,
  • borrowed from another library via BONUS+ or Document Delivery.

Overdue fines are added to your Library account if you don’t return items by the due date.

Type of loan
Fine rate
Maximum fine amount
High Demand collection
(two-hour and three-hour loans)

$3 per hour

$60 per item
Three-day High Demand collection loans
(Mandurah Campus Library only)
$15 per day $60 per item
Recalled loans $3 per day  
from the updated due date
$60 per item
BONUS+ and Document Delivery loans $3 per day $60 per item

All other items can be renewed up to five times before you receive a replacement charge.

Replacement charges  

If you don't return an item, or you lose or damage an item, we will charge you for the cost of replacement. There is a $125 charge for overdue, lost or damaged BONUS+ items.

If you return an overdue item, we'll waive the replacement charge although overdue fines may still be applied. To report a lost or damaged item, contact the Library.

If you join as a reciprocal borrower at another institution and do not return your loans, we will send you a replacement charge on behalf of the other institution. 

Your borrowing privileges

We will suspend your borrowing privileges if you have $60 or more in overdue fines. This means you will not be able to borrow, renew or request books from our print collections. To regain your borrowing privileges, you must make payment so that your overdue fine balance is less than $60.

If your overdue fines are under $60 at the end of December, we’ll waive those fines to give you a fresh start for the next year.

If you have a replacement charge of any amount, your borrowing privileges will be suspended. Additionally, an encumbrance will be placed on your university enrolment. This means you will not be able to:  

  • access your assessment and examination results,
  • borrow, renew or request library items.

We’ll lift the encumbrance and restore your borrowing privileges when you pay all the replacement charge or return the item.

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Renew items you have on loan and keep track of what you have borrowed using My Library.

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