Overdue points & fines

Ensure your borrowed items are returned by the due date to avoid overdue points or fines. You can renew your items using My Library.

If you don’t return a book by the due date, overdue points are added to your Library account. Overdue points are applied at the following rates:

Type of loanOverdue points
2 hour High Demand collection loans10 points per hour
3 day High Demand collection loans
(Mandurah Campus Library only)
50 points per day
6 week, 12 week, Semester loans1 point per day 
Recalled loans10 points per day from the due date
1 day, 3 day loans;  BONUS+ and Document Delivery loans
10 points per day 

When you reach 200 overdue points, your borrowing privileges will be suspended. This means you will not be able to borrow, renew or request books from the Library.

Pay a fine of $50 to have your borrowing privileges restored. After you pay your fine, your overdue points are reset to zero.

If you are suspended a second time, you’ll need to pay the fine although reinstatement of your borrowing privileges is at the discretion of the Director of Library Services. Your overdue points will also be reset to 100, rather than zero.

At the end of each year, we reset overdue points to zero if you have less than 200 points.

Have you lost or damaged a book?

If you don't return your loans within 4 weeks of the due date, or you lose or damage an item, we will bill you for the cost of replacement. There is a $125 fine for lost BONUS+ items.

We’ll waive the replacement bill if you return the item, although overdue points may still be applied. Contact the Library to report a lost or damaged item.

Loans from other institutions

If you join as a reciprocal borrower at another institution and do not return your loans, we reserve the right to invoice you the replacement costs on behalf of the institution.

Unpaid fines or bills

If you have unpaid bills or fines, an encumbrance may be placed on your university enrolment. This means you will not be able to:

  • access your assessment and examination results,
  • borrow, renew or request library items.

When you pay your fines or return the billed items, we’ll lift the encumbrance on your record. For more information about your fine, call us on +618 9360 2563.

How to pay a fine or bill

You can pay your overdue fines or replacement bills online.


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