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It’s not just teachers that need to organise the activities – high school students can also book themselves into our fun and interactive challenges and listen to our Murdoch Minds podcast series.

Murdoch Fun Fridays

Are you a master of trivia? Proficient in Year 10 Chemistry? An incredible gamer? If you relish a challenge, enjoy competing and love winning prizes, then join us for Murdoch Fun Fridays!

As a high school student you can book onto these fun challenges yourself and will compete with students from all over WA over nine weeks. But make sure you participate in as many challenges as possible, as there will be weekly prizes and the students with the highest cumulative scores at the end of the term will go in the draw to win a $100 JB Hi-Fi voucher!

How to take part in the challenges

To join in on the challenges, all you’ll need is two devices, like a computer, phone or tablet. On your first device, login to the stream here. You’ll then use your second device as the buzzer – take note of the code on the stream on your first device then type it into Menti (the online quiz program) on your second device.

The challenges

  • Murdoch Big Trivia

    Date: Friday 8 May

    Time: 4pm

    Join us as we kick off the Murdoch Fun Fridays with the Big Trivia competition. General themed with a bit of everything for everyone as we start the Term!

  • Year 9 and 10 chemistry quiz

    Date: Friday 15 May

    Time: 4pm

    Have you got Chemistry? Join us as we go into a competitive dive into the vat of knowledge that is chemistry.

  • Wizard of Oz: Australian quiz

    Date: Friday 22 May

    Time: 4pm

    How much do you really know about your home? This quiz will test your knowledge of Australian science, history, law and arts.

  • Video games and creative arts

    Date: Friday 29 May

    Time: 4pm

    What do you really know about some of our favourite pastimes? Test your knowledge on video games, film and screen, creative writing and more!

  • Parent trivia

    Date: Monday 1 June

    Time: 4pm

    Parents allowed! On this special Monday Edition on WA Day, show your parents how it’s done or work in a team as we work through questions designed for parents and students!

  • Laws of physics

    Date: Friday 5 June

    Time: 4pm

    Test your knowledge of what holds the universe together and find out if you are a strong force or a weak force in the world of physics!

  • Maths challenge

    Date: Friday 12 June

    Time: 4pm

    Feel the logic as we take part in a specific mathematics-based challenge for everyone. Can you get the numbers right?

  • Pop culture

    Date: Friday 19 June

    Time: 4pm

    This week we tackle popular culture and society. From TV, to memes and everything in between.

  • Final countdown

    Date: Friday 26 June

    Time: 4pm

    We are at the endgame now! Join us for the final push to victory and take part in another general knowledge test – then we’ll find out the overall winners of Murdoch Fun Fridays!

Murdoch Minds podcast series – coming soon!

We miss having you visit our campus to meet our academics – so for now, we’re going to bring our free-thinking academics from across Creative Media, HASS and STEM to you!

We invite all teachers and high school students to join us for our Murdoch Minds podcast series where you can listen to amazing interviews with our academics, many of who are leaders in their field. Tune in to hear about their career, why they love doing what they do, and the amazing discoveries their research has led to!

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