About the Digital Futures Academy

The Digital Futures Academy’s focus is the delivery of innovative and industry-led courses to train the technologists of the future. The Academy brings the best of academia and industry together to offer teaching and learning in the digital world, including the utilisation of evolving technologies to provide solutions to complex societal and industrial problems. Find out more about the current Digital Futures Academy short courses below.


Data Visualisation and Storytelling

You will gain the confidence to focus on more advanced business problem solving through data analysis, visualisation and business communication. Working with market leading BI platform Tableau to create and combine interactive visualisations for key business functions to create operational dashboards that will support you to drive business insights and decisions.

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Agile Methodology and Project Management

You will have the opportunity to deep dive into Agile methodologies, practices and their application into various business practices, including Scrum, SAFe and Kanban. You will gain the understanding and importance of working in Agile environments to simultaneously work on core product development, delivery, and continuous improvement to promote value-driven delivery.

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Fundamentals of Product Management

You will learn that as a Product Manager, you can close the gap in any organisation by actively understanding market needs, customer desires, driving corresponding product development and continuous innovation. You will understand the cross-functional skills of a successful Product Manager and be able to contribute to leading the way in successful organisations world-wide.

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Benefits of taking a Murdoch University short course

Unlike many other professional development short courses, our short courses allow you to earn micro-credentials or credit points, which means your learning can be banked towards a post-graduate qualification in an established Australian University.

A micro-credential can be used as evidence of your learning with a current or future employer or educational provider. Our micro-credentials are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) standards . You could use your micro-credentials to be considered for advanced standing towards a full Australian qualification (e.g. a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or Master).


Learning in innovative facilities

Two people in CBD Campus meeting room

The Digital Futures Academy will deliver learning experiences online and in-person at Murdoch University’s Perth CBD premises, with state-of-the-art facilities and beautiful surrounds of the Swan River.

The campus will be used to:

  • facilitate stronger connections with industry, government and business
  • offer alternative learning opportunities, and
  • foster innovation through new activations and learning experiences.

Creating the workforce of the future

The Murdoch University Digital Futures Academy will pioneer the development of a reimagined educational experience by bringing industry and professions into the heart of education – through the co-design and delivery of content – Academy learners will have access to relevant and in-demand knowledge and skills.

Learners will have more options than ever before, with the opportunity to tailor their education through post degree-level awards, Graduate Certificates and micro-credentialled short courses.

The Digital Futures Academy will cater for upskilling, re-skilling and re-deployment to provide an educational platform that prepares learners for the future of work and grow with their multi-disciplinary careers. An added benefit of the courses are the in person learnings, providing an opportunity for connection and collaboration with peers for further career advancement potential.


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