Who should be Murdoch University's next Chancellor?

A Selection of Chancellor Subcommittee has been convened by the Deputy Chancellor (Chair) to search for candidates for election by Senate to be Murdoch University’s next Chancellor for a three-year term.

To assist the Subcommittee, members of the University Community are invited to submit the names of individuals who you think would be a suitable candidate for the office of Chancellor, together with any supporting reasons and information.

The Selection of Chancellor Policy provides that the following attributes are desirable in the person who holds the position of Chancellor of Murdoch University:

  • Well-respected in the Australian community.
  • Understanding of and empathy with the principles on which the University is based.
  • General understanding of the political and financial environment within which universities operate.
  • Ability to relate to a wide range of people.
  • Public presence, including public speaking skills.
  • Comfortable with the demands of protocol.
  • Available for consultation on a reasonably regular basis.
  • Well-developed skills as committee chair.
  • Political and negotiating skills.
  • A reputation for integrity and probity.
  • Ability to establish a close working relationship with the Vice Chancellor, advising on issues of policy, and monitoring but not interfering with management process.
  • Ability to establish adherence to appropriate governance principles, particularly the clear separation of Senate and management responsibilities, and the accountability of management to the Senate.

Current members of Murdoch University staff and full-time Murdoch University students are not eligible for the position.

The seniority and status of the Chancellor brings an expectation that candidates nominated for the role will be of the highest calibre possible.

You are encouraged to consider diversity amongst those you are nominating. 

It is important that you treat any submission you make as confidential, you should not approach any person you are proposing to nominate, nor discuss your submission with others.

Submissions should be made by 22 June 2022.

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All nominations and nominees will be confidential and only the Chancellor Subcommittee will be in receipt of the contents of this form.