China's Belt & Road Initiative & Japan's Open Indo-Pacific Vision

The Asia Research Centre's Public Seminar Series

Welcoming Professor Go Ito, one of Japan's leading experts on U.S.-China-Japan relations.

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Convergence or Divergence?

While China promotes the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Japan’s official development assistance has been termed as Quality Infrastructure Investment. Japan’s policy seeks to narrow the development gap and enhance the rule of law based economic integration of the Indo-Pacific region, as a whole. Both projects focus on the provision of economic foreign aid, although the objectives and their methods are rather different. How will these two ideas be converged? Moreover, if divergence dominates the two ideas, will the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) work to contain China?

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Go Ito is one of Japan's leading experts on U.S.-China-Japan relations; U.S. strategy toward East Asia; China-Taiwan cross-strait relations; Japanese security policy; and theories of international relations. In his dual roles as Professor of International Relations at Meiji University and Director of Research at Japan Forum on International Relations, Ito had a significant impact on both research and policy-making in these areas, and he received numerous domestic and international honours for his work.  A prolific writer, his most recent book, Alliance in Anxiety: Détente and the Sino-American-Japanese Triangle was published in paperback in 2018.




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