Work Integrated Learning

Applying for Work Placements

The work placements advertised as part of the WIL Program are all unpaid, and can only be accepted in conjunction with your enrolment in a suitable unit. In many degree programs, these units are only available in your final year and may be restricted to students with a high level of academic performance. You must check with the unit co-ordinator that you are eligible to enrol in your chosen unit, and that it is available in the required semester, before applying for one of the work placement positions.

Applying for a work placement is a competitive process. There may be other applicants, not just from your course, but from other universities as well. You are strongly advised to seek assistance with the presentation of your resume and cover letter before submitting an application. The Careers and Employment Centre at Murdoch University can offer advice and will review your resume once you have prepared a draft. They can also offer assistance with preparing for interviews. Many organisations will want to interview students for suitability before offering you a work placement position.