Work Integrated Learning

Business & Industry

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) allows business, industry, government and community organisations to work together with universities to develop Australia’s future workforce. WIL provides the opportunity for students to learn to integrate together the theory of their discipline with its relevant work practice. Your organisation’s participation with Murdoch University in WIL helps us to partner together to prepare the future professionals for your industry by assisting our graduates to develop professional competencies and improve their work-readiness.

In addition, WIL might enable your organisation to access additional resources to assist in short-term projects. Our motivated and innovative students will often bring new perspectives and fresh ideas to your workplace. As potential future employees, WIL gives you opportunity to evaluate students and expose them to your work practices and core values. In addition, there is value in providing professional development opportunities for your existing staff to gain experience in a leadership role by supervising a student during a WIL placement.

Murdoch University is committed to providing opportunities for our students to experience WIL in their course. In the majority of study areas there are specifically designed internship units and/or industry project units within the curriculum of their course. These allow students to gain academic credit for their WIL experience in partnership with business and industry.