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TNE Liaison Team

Jenny Crawford
Manager TNE
Phone: +61 (8) 9360 7681
Email: Jenny.Crawford@murdoch.edu.au

Yukiko Stransky
TNE Liaison Support Officer
Phone: +61 (8) 9360 7492
Email: Y.Stransky@murdoch.edu.au

Nathan Tozer
TNE Liaison Support Officer
Phone: +61 (8) 9360 6877
Email: N.Tozer@murdoch.edu.au

Tess Carcione
TNE Liaison Support Officer
Phone: +61 (8) 9360 2477
Email: T.Carcione@murdoch.edu.au

Judith Bleakley
TNE Liaison Support Assistant
Phone: +61 (8) 9360 7213
Email: Judith.Bleakley@murdoch.edu.au

TNE Liaison Team email: TNE@murdoch.edu.au

Murdoch Singapore Office

#03-01 King's Centre, 390 Havelock Road,
Singapore 169662
Phone: +65 68380760
Website: http://www.murdoch.sg/

Professor Peter Waring
Pro Vice Chancellor Transnational Education & Singapore Dean
Phone: +65 68380761
Email: P.Waring@murdoch.edu.au

Dr Paola Magni
Deputy Dean
Phone: +65 68380765
Email: P.Magni@murdoch.edu.au

Alfred Chen
Student Services Manager
Phone: +65 68380763
Email: A.Chen@murdoch.edu.au

Veronica Mitchell
Executive Officer
Phone: +65 68380762
Email: V.Mitchell@murdoch.edu.au

Karyn Tan
Student Services Assistant
Phone: +65 68380760

Dr Tania Lim
Discipline Lead in Communication
Phone: +65 67337672
Email: Tania.Lim@murdoch.edu.au

Dr Florence Mwagwabi
Discipline Lead in Information Technology
Phone: +65 67337137
Email: F.Mwagwabi@murdoch.edu.au

Dr Amy Lim
Discipline Lead in Psychology
Phone: +65 68380767
Email: Amy.Lim@murdoch.edu.au

Adie Lee
Senior Accountant
Phone: +65 68380766
Email: A.Lee@murdoch.edu.au

Kase Tan
Alumni Officer
Email: Kase.Tan@murdoch.edu.au

singapore.admissions@murdoch.edu.au (for admissions and advanced standing enquiries)
singapore.enrolments@murdoch.edu.au (for enrolment enquiries)
singapore.studenthelp@murdoch.edu.au (all other enquiries)


Murdoch University Dubai

Level 1, Block 18
Dubai Knowledge Park
P.O. Box 500700
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 5749800

Dr James Trotter
Dean and Academic President
Email: James.Trotter@murdoch.edu.au

Leena Wanganoo
Discipline Lead in Business
Email: Leena.Wanganoo@murdoch.edu.au

Joseph Stevens
Discipline Lead in Information Technology
Email: Joseph.Stevens@murdoch.edu.au

Joseph Nalloor
Discipline Lead in Communication
Email: Joseph.Nalloor@murdoch.edu.au

Faiza Qureshi
Discipline Lead in Foundation Studies & Master of Education
Email: Faiza.Qureshi@murdoch.edu.au

Maja Vurnek Zivkovic
Discipline Lead in Psychology & Criminology and Student Counsellor
Email: Maja.Zivkovic@murdoch.edu.au

Lama Jbara
Learning Support Officer & Lecturer
Email: Lama.Jbara@murdoch.edu.au

dubai.studentservices@murdoch.edu.au (for Enrolments, document requests, and general enquiries)
dubai.admissions@murdoch.edu.au (for admissions enquiries)
dubai.academicservices@murdoch.edu.au (for Teaching staff support, exams, and timetabling)
dubai.library@murdoch.edu.au (for Library enquiries)
dubai.finance@murdoch.edu.au (for Finance enquiries)
dubai.itsupport@murdoch.edu.au (for IT enquiries)
dubai.marketing@murdoch.edu.au (for marketing, media, PR related communications)
dubai.info@murdoch.edu.au (for general enquiries)