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After completing the marking of final examinations, the Unit Coordinator finalises and provides the results spreadsheet which includes component marks, final marks and grades to the Student Records Office (via results@murdoch.edu.au) for the Results Committee meeting. The marks and grades have to be sent by the deadlines published on Submission of Unit Results. The Student Records Office will update the final results into the results spreadsheet within two days after the Results Committee meeting, and advise the Unit Coordinator if required. Component scores should have been previously released to students via the online unit in LMS after completion of any moderation, and prior to the commencement of exams. Final results are released to students by Student Administration.

When reporting units and marks Unit Coordinators must apply the grading system as specified in Section 7.2. Unit results must not be released informally to students by Unit Coordinators or any other staff member in the University as they are subject to approval by the Board of Studies, other than as provided for in Assessment Procedure 2016 August 01 5.5. The only exception to this is where a Unit Coordinator chooses to advise a student in advance of the Board of Studies meeting that they have recommended a Supplementary Assessment as an interim grade. Once finalised, results are available only to individual students through the online portal facility. Information on submitting and releasing results is set out in Assessment Procedure 2016 August 01 5.0.

After the release of final results, the Unit Coordinator is required to be available for student consultation and for the provision of any exam papers requested for viewing. According to the Assessment Policy 2016 August 01, the University does not permit the release of a final exam script to any student. The Original needs to be kept as a university record. Transnational students must contact the student centre at their Murdoch transnational partner to arrange for inspection of their examination scripts, within ten University Business days of the posting of their final result. When inspecting their marked examination scripts at the student centre and upon request the Unit Coordinator shall make available the examination paper itself. The Unit Coordinator must ensure that all original final examination scripts are retained for a period of 12 months.

Please contact the TNE Liaison Team for advice on the process for making a script available to the TNE student.

TNE Liaison Team

Email: TNE@murdoch.edu.au

The process for viewing exam scripts is accessible by clicking here.