Supporting our Uni

Supporting our uni

There are many opportunities to support Murdoch University; research, student prizes and scholarship, new facilities and equipment, special projects, events and sponsorships. We would like to talk to you about which opportunity is the best match for you.

Veterinary Health

Along with the training of undergraduate students in Veterinary Science, the College of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences are heavily involved with research into animal and human diseases, and in the training of specialist veterinarians in their fields of choice. The College has a Veterinary Hospital: one of the best equipped in the country, which employs staff in all areas of expertise including small animal medicine and surgery, small animal emergency medicine, equine medicine and surgery, and production animal medicine and surgery. In order to fund the non-teaching work of the College, we rely on the ongoing financial support of our Industry colleagues, and members of the public. Ongoing support is vital, and allows Murdoch to lead the way, and provide “International excellence in Veterinary Science”.

Since its launch, the Veterinary Trust has made a significant contribution to the advancement of Australian veterinary science and education.. Contributions to the Veterinary Trust are tax deductible, and may be used for varied purposes, such as equipment purchase, facility upgrading, scholarships, or research funding.

For more information on being involved with the trust see “How You Can Help”.

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