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Connect with leading academic staff from Murdoch University, who specialise in a range of fields across development, international affairs, public policy, law, Asian studies and political sciences.

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Master of Public Policy & Management

Dr Yvonne Haigh

Dr Yvonne Haigh

Academic Chair, Senior Lecturer in Policy and Governance

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Areas of Interest: Corruption in the public sector, codes of ethics, public policy implementation, and public sector administration.

Dr Ian Cook

Dr Ian Cook

Senior Lecturer

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Areas of Interest: Australian Politics, Media Politics and Political Philosophy.

     rick cummings.jpgProfessor Rick Cummings

     Honorary Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Ranald Taylor

Dr Ranald Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Economics

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Areas of Interest: Economic development and growth, human capital accumulation, and efficiency wages.

Kim Moloney

Dr Oliver Fritsch

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Policy, Law and Impact Assessment

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Areas of Interest: Environmental policy and politics, public participation and stakeholder involvement, impact assessment and policy appraisal, regulation and regulatory reform.

Kim Moloney

Dr Kim Moloney

Senior Lecturer in Global Public Administration and Public Policy

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Areas of Interest: Administrative life of international organizations; Administrative life of island-states; Exploring the accountability, legitimacy, and transparency challenges of international organizations.

Master of International Affairs

Dr Andrew WebsterVicky Mason

Academic Chair, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies

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Areas of Interest: Human rights, conflict transformation, critical security studies, the politics of international law, Middle East.

Professor Garry Rodan

Professor Garry Rodan

Professor of Politics & International Studies

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Areas of Interest: Political regime directions, democratic and non-democratic political participation, Democratic and non-democratic ideologies, the politics of accountability reform, the political economy of development in SE Asia, and state-civil society relations in SE Asia.

Doctor Rajat Ganguly

Dr Rajat Ganguly

Senior Lecturer Academy, School of Business and Governance

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Areas of Interest: International Relations, International Security and Asian Politics.

Professor Jurgen Brohmer

Professor Jurgen Brohmer

Professor - Dean School of Law

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Areas of Interest: Comparative constitutional law, European Union law, public international law, and international human rights law.

Master of Development Studies

Dr Jane Hutchison

Dr Jane Hutchison

Academic Chair, Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Studies

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Areas of Interest: Political economist, social and political change and international development.

Dr Jacqui Baker

Dr Jacqui Baker

Lecturer in Southeast Asian Politics Academy

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Areas of Interest: Political Science, Democratization, Politics of Law & Security, Corruption.

Rochelle Spencer

Dr Rochelle Spencer

Senior Lecturer in International Aid and Sustainable Development

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Areas of Interest: Capacity building, economies in transition.

Dr Ian Wilson

Dr Ian Wilson

Lecturer, Research Fellow, Asia Research Centre

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Areas of Interest: Urbanization and social change in Southeast Asia, political violence, the political economy of gangs, militias and organised crime in Indonesia.

Prof Kanishka Jayasuriya

Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya

Professor of Politics and International Studies and Head of Department

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Areas of Interest: Politics, international studies, political science, international and comparative political economy, issues of regulation, rule of law, regional governance to Asia

Health Policy Program

Dr Ana Rita Sequeira

Dr Ana Rita Sequeira

Academic Chair, Lecturer in Health Policy

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Areas of Interest:Global Health and Public Health; health policy and economics; critical and interpretative approaches; development studies

Mr Matthew Bellgard   Professor Matthew Bellgard

   Professor - Director of Centre of  Comparative Genomics

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Areas of Interest: Comparative genomic analysis; Computational biology; Molecular evolution; Bioinformatics; Genomics; Integrated system development; Integrated system development; Pattern recognition; Pattern recognition; Food security; Digital Agriculture; Personalised Medicine

Renae Desai    Mrs Renae Desai


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Areas of Interest: Public relations, digital media, issues and crisis management, health communication, creative communication and education.

Mrs Jo-Anne Kestel

Mrs Jo-Anne Kestel


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Areas of Interest: Financial reporting, accounting education, corporate governance, graduate employability, public sector, and NFP reporting.

Miss Martinique Sandy

Miss Martinique Sandy

Lecturer, Clinical Practice Coordinator Nursing

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Areas of Interest:

Ihab Habib

Dr Ihab Habib


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Areas of Interest: Public Health and Food Safety, the epidemiology and risk assessment of zoonotic and foodborne pathogens, and applying the One-Health research approach at the human-food animal-environment interfaces.

Dr Mieghan Bruce

Dr Mieghan Bruce

Lecturer Veterinary Epidemiology

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Antonia Girardi

Associate Professor Antonia Girardi

Associate Professor

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Areas of Interest: Human Resource Management and Research Methods; management education, graduate employability, leadership and employee engagement