VLS Announcements 163 - 10 November 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to congratulate PhD student Jiayin (Munik) Tian was awarded the Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society of Australia and New Zealand (THANZ) travel grant for the top-ranked submitted abstract as well as achieving runner up for the THANZ Medal for the best abstract and presentation by a young scientist or clinician at the THANZ meeting.  Congratulations on your achievements Munik!

Agricultural researcher Dr Sofie De Meyer has recently been named as one of Western Australia’s best young scientists. I would like to commend Sofie as one of five to be recognised at the state ceremony of the prestigious Tall Poppy Science Awards.

Kind regards,

Richard Harper
Acting Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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  • Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society of Australia and New Zealand (THANZ) Workshop and Scientific meetings

    The Western Australian Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (WACTH) had a large presence at the recent Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society of Australia and New Zealand (THANZ) Workshop and Scientific meetings held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. The group presented a combined four oral presentations, two mini-oral presentations and six posters.

    Jiayin (Munik) Tian (PhD student with the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences and WACTH) was awarded the THANZ travel grant for the top-ranked submitted abstract and presented her talk; ‘Identification of two oestrogen-sensitive microRNAs as direct regulators of tissue factor and factor VIII transcripts,’ during the Presidential Symposium session. Munik was runner-up in the THANZ Medal for the best abstract and presentation by a young scientist or clinician at the meeting. Munik is currently in the first year of her PhD and is working with Professor Ross Baker, A/Prof Murray Adams and Dr Jim Tiao at WACTH. 

    WACTH2.jpg WACTH1.jpg
  • VLS first year pizza and exam advice lunch

    Our final social event for semester 2, 2017 was the VLS first year pizza and exam advice lunch in the Robertson Courtyard. The focus was very much on exam preparation. Before they reached the pizza, the students had to pass by our pre-pizza trestle tables. On one, there were big sheets of butcher’s paper on which the students wrote their exam worries and advice with coloured pens. Another table was full of take-away exam resources.

    We also set-up picnic blankets and provided games and activities. Students could test their memory and/ or engage in a ‘Knockout the cans’ game. Two students won a $40 bookshop voucher each!

    IMG_5388.JPG IMG_5386.JPG

    Sherry and Steffi grabbed the extra pizzas and went on the hunt throughout our School for students in need of food and some friendly faces. Our students really appreciated these surprise visits, so all told it was a wonderful VLS community event.

  • Tall Poppy success sown in Murdoch agriculture research

    Murdoch University agricultural researcher Dr Sofie De Meyer has been named as one of Western Australia’s best young scientists. The early career researcher from the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences is one of five to be recognised at the state ceremony of the prestigious Tall Poppy Science Awards earlier this month.

    Dr De Meyer has been a post doctoral fellow in Murdoch’s Centre for Rhizobium Studies since 2012. She has contributed to hugely important translational research into a South African legume plant called Lebeckia that is drought tolerant and can be used to feed livestock in the hot summer months. In the last 18 months, she has also started her own business – MALDIID Pty Ltd – a root nodule bacteria identification service for farmers and institutes to improve their legume performance.

    Legumes supply nutrition and a safe shelter for bacteria that fix nitrogen, delivering this to plants and enabling them to grow in nitrogen-limited conditions. Dr De Meyer said the award was a confirmation that she is on the right track with her research, and that it is valued by her peers in research and industry.

    The Tall Poppy Science Awards are run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science to honour up and coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science. Young Tall Poppies are nominated by their peers and are early career researchers aged 35 or under. Selection is based on research achievement and leadership potential.

    For further information, see this article

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  • Updating Personal Details with My HR

    It’s important that the University is able to effectively respond to emergencies and communicate with you. People and Culture Office regularly request that you view and update your personal details and emergency contact details.

    Could you please take time over the coming days to review and update your current personal details including:

    • Home address
    • Postal address
    • Mobile Number
    • Emergency Contact(s)

    Please ensure that we have your current mobile number to allow us to alert all staff via a bulk SMS notification should an emergency occur on campus.

    To view your personal details, please log in MyHR, on the staff page of the Murdoch website. Once logged in, select My HR (top left hand corner), My Personal Information, Personal Contacts and click on Contact Details to update or Personal Contacts on left hand menu once logged in.

    To update your Emergency contact(s), please click back on MyHR (top left hand corner), Personal Information, Personal Contacts to add or amend contact(s).

    If you have any queries please contact the Employee Services Team via the new Murdoch Support Portal by lodging a general enquiry.

  • 2017 Year End: Finance One unavailable from Saturday 30 December 2017 to Monday 1 January 2018 (inclusive)

    The Finance One system administrators will be performing the 2017 End of Year process for Finance One at the end of December 2017/beginning of January 2018 and require Finance One to be unavailable for a few days during this period.

    As a result, all user access to Finance One will be disabled from Saturday 30 December 2017 to Monday 1 January 2018 (inclusive of these dates). If you are planning on using Finance One during the break, please note that the system will not be available on these dates. Please make the necessary arrangements to work around this system shutdown period. Finance One will be available again from Tuesday 2 January 2018. Should you have any queries, please contact the Finance One Helpdesk Finance One Helpdesk

  • Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute.

    A job advertisement has just been announced for a new director of the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI). Please see the link if you are interested.

  • ARO Newsletter #40 week beginning 6th November

    Attached  is the ARO Newsletter for week beginning 6 November.

  • Career Connect Newsletter

    Attached is the Career Connect Newsletter for November.

  • Noise levels during Semster 2 exams (10-25 November 2017)

    Staff are asked to please restrict noisy activities in the vicinity of exam venues during the Semester 2 exams. During exam periods, concerns are raised regarding excessive noise in the vicinity of exam venues. This has occasionally interrupted exams and caused some students significant distraction.

    Students are entitled to a suitable exam environment, and if this is compromised by excessive noise, it could provide grounds for appeal.

    Exams are being held from Friday 10 November through to Saturday 25 November 2017, in the following buildings:

    Murdoch Campus

    • 415 - Sports Centre (Gym)
    • 460 - Economics, Commerce & Law
    • 235 - Loneragan
    • 245 - Science & Computing
    • 450 - Education & Humanities
    • 465 - Law
    • 490 - Amenities
    • 513 - Learning Link
    • 440 - Social Sciences
    • 250 - Veterinary Biology (VBSEC)
    • 350 - Library (Level 2 & 3)

    Mandurah Campus
    • 100 - Learning Centre
    • 101 - Learning Centre Stage 2

    Please consider noise levels in these areas when planning activities during the exam period.

  • End of Year Financial Guidance & Deadlines

    The University financial year-end of 31 December 2017 is fast approaching. Ensuring an accurate cut-off in the recording of expenses to the correct financial year is an essential routine for the Finance Office. With this focus in mind and to achieve this goal at an all of University (consolidated) level the Finance Office recognises that even small $ amounts in the wrong Budget year (2017 vs 2018) can be significant for individual staff members in the context of their own Budgets/projects/accounts. Your support in submitting any/all outstanding invoices, purchasing card acquittals and/or reimbursement claims is therefore requested.

    With this context please take the time to consider the following processing guidelines and deadline dates for 2017 year-end.

    TIMELINE at a glance

    Asset acquisition & disposal forms 30th November 2017
    Purchasing Card Acquittals 8th December 2017
    Invoices to be paid 11th December 2017
    Staff/Student Reimbursements 11th December 2017
    Invoices to be issued 12th December 2017
    Cash for banking 21st December 2017
    Journals 22nd December 2017
    Concur and Finance One approvals As soon as possible

    THE DETAIL: - ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Invoices & Reimbursements

    Due Monday, 11th December 2017

    Staff/student reimbursements should be submitted as soon as possible prior to the deadline. Invoices for goods or services delivered in 2017, that are submitted to the FST after the deadline will be accrued for 2017, however suppliers most likely will not be paid until 2018.

    Urgent late invoices which will incur a supplier penalty must be flagged to the FST as soon as possible. If goods or services are delivered in 2017 without invoice, please advise your Financial Analyst or Research Support Officer by close of business 5th January 2018, to be managed as part of the 2017 accrual process.


    The acquittal deadline for all outstanding reports up to and including the November statement period will be Friday, 8th December 2017 (the November statement will be issued on 2nd December 2017).

    Options/Actions for spend incurred after the November statement

    1) Do Nothing - Transactions incurred on December statements will be recorded as a lump sum centrally by the University for year end. Implication for you – December 2017 incurred expenses will only be recorded against School/Office, Projects, MU Contribution funding, Maintenance or Discretionary accounts in 2018 Budget year. Finance Office are unable to back date any of these costs to 2017 Budgets. Note – any outstanding acquittal expense reports not submitted from earlier than December 2017 will also be recorded in the 2018 Budget year.

    2) Take action if an accurate allocation of expenses between 2017 and 2018 is important to you Option 2a) consider bringing forward December spend (where possible) to November and submit November statement expense reports by deadline. This will ensure those expenses are recorded as per your requirements in 2017.

    Option 2b) where expenses must be incurred in December 2017 and you determine they must also be recorded in the 2017 Budget year please complete the attached ‘request for accrual’ spreadsheet and e-mail to Finsup together with scanned copies (do not send original documentation) of the supporting invoices/tax receipts by close of business 5th January 2018.

    Your Financial Analyst or Research Support Officer will review and record into 2017 where appropriate. Finance Office guidance for where the ‘request for accrual’ should be considered is where:

    · you have expenses of $2k or over; and/or

    · where the spend is specifically tied to a 2017 Budget allocation, including accounts to be closed such as: MU Contribution funding, Maintenance or Discretionary accounts

    Regardless of the option taken above please submit your December statement and original documents in January along with your statement, as per the normal process. If you did send in an accrual spreadsheet, please attach a copy to your paperwork.


    Accounts Receivable Due Tuesday, 12th December 2017 All invoice requests (Form 485). Note: - Continue to send in your invoice requests after the deadline that relate to services provided in 2017 and we will manage as part of the 2017 accrual process.
    Asset Acquisition & Disposal Forms Due Thursday, 30th November 2017. All purchases post this date by Wednesday, 20th December 2017 This will ensure all costs associated with an asset are recognised in 2017.
    Journal Requests Due Friday 22nd December 2017 Relates to internal charges, transfer of cost between accounts, posting code corrections, etc.
    Cash to be Banked Due Thursday, 21st December 2017 Deliver to Central Finance by 12 pm – Chancellery Building, Level 3.

    Finance One and Concur Approvers: timely approvals in Finance One and Concur are critical to achieving the deadlines so as not to delay the end process – your assistance is appreciated.

    If you have any concerns regarding the above deadlines or need further clarification, please contact the relevant Finance Office Manager for your request:

    · Ellie Meek – Manager, Financial Processing & Science Stores – for queries relating to general accounts payable/accounts receivable/purchasing card processing prior to deadlines

    · Leticia Fraser - Manager, Financial Analysis and Reporting - Professional Offices – for queries relating to accruals and journals

    · Jeremy McCraw – Manager, Financial Analysis and Reporting – Academy – for queries relating to accruals and journals

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Scholarships [Expand All] | [Collapse All

  • 2017 WAMSI Research Conference

    The 2017 WAMSI Research Conference is fast approaching. This is a free conference to present the findings of two of the largest integrated marine research programs in Australia but you need to register

    This conference is being held to showcase the science, findings, outcomes and products to managers, researchers, industry and government stakeholders.

    When: Dredging Science Node: Wednesday 22nd - Thursday 23rd November - Program

    Kimberley Marine Research: Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th November - Program

    Where: State Library of Western Australia

  • Seminar and workshop - The digital life project: creating accurate 3d models of life on earth

    When: Friday 24th November 2017 11:00-12:00 (Seminar) – 13:00-14:00 (Workshop)

    Where: Ningaloo/Purnululu seminar rooms, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, 17 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington

    What: The digital life project: creating accurate 3d models of life on earth

    Who: Prof Duncan Irschick, Biology Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

    This seminar will be followed by a workshop from 1 to 2 pm with limited availability.

    If you would like to attend the seminar and/or workshop, please RSVP by contacting Sabrina Fossette or 08 9219 9758

  • Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF) - Application for Funds 2018

    Applications are sought for grants (of up to $10,000.00 per year each), for research into the causes, prevention and cure of disease in animals seen in small animal veterinary practice and in particular in the canine, feline and other companion animal species.

    Applications for funds must be made using the attached application form and submitted via email by the closing date of Monday 5th February 2018.

    All applications must be emailed to:

    Subject heading: 2018 ACAHF Grant Application

    Phone: 02 9431 5090

  • Media engagement to promote research

    Taylor and Francis have created a webinar and a a series of resources for researchers looking to interact with the media.

    There are some really interesting presentations with some great practical tips, including from the Australian Science Media Centre, regarding engaging with the media beyond academia.

  • VetEd Down Under symposium, 13-14th Feb 2018, University of Adelaide Roseworthy campus

    An exciting new veterinary education initiative will debut at University of Adelaide Roseworthy campus 13-14th Feb 2018, the inaugural VetEd Down Under or Australasian Veterinary Educators Symposium.

    See attached flyer and: web

    This is intended to become a biennial event rotating around the A&NZ vet schools, to complement existing VetEd events such the AVA VERA stream and Melbourne’s MAVALT symposia. It is also intended to locally replicate the spirit of the very success ‘VetEd' symposia that run annually in the UK, which are low-cost, friendly, inclusive events with lots of networking and sharing of great ideas.

    The Murdoch-lead VetSet2Go employability project will be running a half-day preconference workshop on the 13th.

  • Seminar: Reducing Foodborne Illness across the Food Chain

    For further information, please see the attached flyer

  • The Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (WA) Inc. - David Bedbrook Bursary.

    The Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants is a professional association that actively promotes agricultural consultants and provides a voice for its members.

    In honour of AAAC(WA) member David Bedbrook who died last year we have established two $1500 Bursary’s for Agriculture Students in 2018. Please find attached the Bursary outline and eligibility details.

    We have also instigated a ‘Student Membership’ level to AAAC which may be of interest to students. Attached is the program and registration for our annual Outlook 2017 Conference which is being held on Friday 24th November at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.