VLS Announcements 153 - 1 September 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The university had a strong presence at the Combined Biological Sciences Meeting last week with 20 of the 69 presentations being Murdoch staff or students. I would like to congratulate the following award recipients.

Madhuri Chakravarthy, CCG ThermoFisher Student Manuscript Award
Craig McIntosh, CCG Frontiers in Genetics Symposium Oral Presentation
Timothy Haskett, Centre for Rhizobium Studies ASM Symposium Oral Presentation
Anna-Sheree Krige, VLS Poster award
Bao Li, CCG Poster Award
Siobhon Egan Poster design award

I would also like to congratulate PhD students Shaikh Siddique, Priya Lai Chandra Paul for winning awards at the 1st WA Bangladeshi Researchers Summit.

Many staff members and students are involved with the Agricultural Symposium and the Murdoch University Staff Games tomorrow.

Good luck to our Agricultural Scientists, and to our dynamic Games Team the Ninja Turtles.

Kind regards,

David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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  • Murdoch Horizon Summer School - Call for Participants - message from Mike Calver

    The Murdoch Horizons Summer School for students transitioning between Yrs11 and 12 is scheduled for January 2018 is an initiative of the VC and sponsored by the DVC(E), Professor Romy Lawson. It’s based upon the UOW Summer Masterclass Program – see attached brochure.

    The overarching objectives of the Murdoch Horizons Summer School are:

    • Social Inclusion
    • Recruitment

    Specifically it is intended to develop students’ academic skills and; to familiarise them with the University environment and the nature of University study (with a particular focus on Murdoch); to reinforce existing aspirations for University study; and to recruit students to Murdoch.

    Lizzio’s model of student success should be an organising principle for the program and maps onto the objectives above:

    • Sense of connectedness (familiarisation with the University environment and the nature of University study;)
    • Sense of capability (students’ academic skills and capabilities;)
    • Sense of resourcefulness (enhancing students’ confidence in their academic skills and capabilities); and
    • Sense of purpose (both a high ATAR score and aspirations for University study;)
    All of which combine as a Sense of Culture

    Two units (streams) are proposed – and we’re thinking they could possibly both be organised around a single theme – One Health and AMR:

    Science – Unit to be entitled (provisionally) Sustainable Futures through Science and Technology (loosely relevant to Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Applied IT and Maths)

    English/Communications - Unit to be entitled (provisionally) Sustainable Futures through 21st Communications (loosely relevant to English, Literature, Drama(?) Media Production and Analysis)

    The purpose of these units will be to open out the thinking of students as to where Science and IT can take them - ditto Communications /English. In each unit interdisciplinarity is to be a priority whilst ensuring connections to the ATAR curriculum for each of the Sciences, Computer Science, Maths etc and for English, Literature, perhaps Drama and also Media Production and Analysis. However it’s not to be ATAR prep – it’s definitely and principally about capacity/skills building ….

    The call is out for possible participants in preparing and teaching these units. Marnie Nolton of CUTL is providing support and assistance in developing LOs etc, so volunteeers would not be working alone.

    There will be either workload or money for doing this. It’s not clear exactly which as yet – or if participants can choose. But the point is there is no expectation that this will be done for love!

    If you're interested, please contact Mike Calver.

  • Anatomy Databases on Trial - message from Jean Coleman, Librarian

    The following databases are on trial until the 28th of September, 2017; and Visible Body. (Primal Pictures) provides an interactive multimedia overview of human anatomy. It features three dimensional interactive animations of the human body including the skeletal system, muscles, cardiovascular system and connective tissue. Animations are supplemented by videos and CT and MRI imaging. More Information.

    Visible Body
    Visible body is an interactive anatomy and physiology learning and visualisation database. Includes a comprehensive 3D anatomy of the human body, select microanatomy of the senses and tissue types, cadaver slices and MRIs and 3D moving models of muscles and bones. More Information

    Please give us your feedback

  • WABSI PhD Top Up Scholarship 2018

    Applications are open for the 2018 WABSI top-up scholarship. See attached a copy of the application form and general award conditions. More information at 

  • AW Howard Memorial Trust Honours Scholarship

    THere is a call for applications for the AW Howard Research Fellowship, the Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship and a NEW AWARD, the AW Howard Memorial Trust Honours Scholarship. Details are available on the AW Howard Memorial Trust website 

    Howard Fellowships - pastures - see 
    Many of you are familiar with the AW Howard Fellowships. These are top-up stipend awards for up to 3½ years for outstanding PhD students undertaking (or about to undertake) research on the development, management and use of pastures, including sown pastures, natural pastures and rangelands, forage crops and dual-purpose (grain plus grazing) crops, and including livestock production from pastures. The research field is not restricted to pasture agronomy but may include pasture-related natural sciences (including molecular biology, plant pathology, pasture plant systematics, ecology, soil science, weed science) and social science (including economics). Applicants must be Australian citizens or must have been resident in Australia for three years at the time of commencing PhD studies.

    Howard Honours Scholarships - pastures - see
    This is a new award. It is to be made annually on a competitive basis for one year during which a student will complete an honours degree at an Australian university in a field relevant to the development, management and/or use of pastures (including sown pastures, natural pastures and rangelands, forage crops and dual-purpose (grain plus grazing) crops, and including livestock production from pastures). Students must be Australian citizens or must have been resident in Australia for three years immediately prior to the year in which the honours project is to be undertaken. Up to 5 awards will be made each year, subject to the number and quality of applicants. Each scholarship is valued at up to $8,000 ($5,000 stipend and up to $3,000 operating expenses).

    Tim Healy Memorial Scholarship - Australia’s farming industries – see
    This PhD top-up stipend award for up to 3½ years, is for an outstanding student whose research will make a positive contribution to the improvement, modification, adaptation or increased understanding of Australia’s farming industries. A wide range of research areas are eligible, including farming systems (including climate adaptation and mitigation, on-farm salinity, sustainable resource utilisation, on-farm biodiversity); pastures; field crops; livestock management; soils or agronomy; farm business management; agricultural system-based woody crops; rural social research in relation to farming (including resilience); economic research in relation to farming; and historical research as it relates to formulation of future agricultural policy. International students may apply, but preference is given to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

    We would welcome your help in bringing these awards to the attention of any prospective applicants. They need not be your own students, and you would be welcome to forward this message to any colleague whom you think may be interested. Please advise prospective applicants to READ CAREFULLY the respective PURPOSES of the awards. PhD students may apply for both the AW Howard Memorial Trust Research Fellowship and the Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship; however, only one award will be made to a successful applicant. We expect that competition for Honours Scholarships will be strong, and while there is no age limit we will give preference to outstanding younger applicants who aspire to an ongoing career in pasture research.

    Applications for the Honours Scholarships close on 30 September 2017, and for the other awards on 30 October 2017. Successful candidates may anticipate advice on Honours Scholarships by early November 2017 and the other awards by early December 2017.

    Further inquiries can be made to the Howard Trust’s Executive Officer at the South Australian Research and Development Institute, telephone (08) 8303 9401, Email:

  • ARC and NHMRC talks - 6th September 2017

    UWA have extended invitations to Murdoch staff to talks from NHMRC CEO, Anne Kelso and ARC Executive Director, Fiona Cameron at UWA on Wednesday 6th September and that these are open to all WA universities.

    Details of both events are at and and registrations are required.

  • Reminder: ARC and NHMRC Expression of Interest 2017/2018

    This is a reminder that the internal EOI deadline for ARC and NHMRC schemes is closing soon. EOIs must be submitted by the 8th September 2017 using the appropriate EOI scheme form and submitted to

    1. Murdoch University runs an internal Expression of Interest (EOI) process for applications to the ARC and NHMRC schemes. The Office of Research and Innovation is now calling for EOIs from researchers who are intending to submit to the ARC: Future Fellowships, Discovery Projects, Discovery Indigenous and DECRA and to the NHMRC schemes - including Projects and Fellowships.
    2. ARC Future Fellowships. Please note the internal EOI deadline for the ARC Future Fellowship is 10:00am, 21st August 2017 using the appropriate EOI scheme form and submitted to
    3. Information workshops - The Research and Innovation Office is holding a series of workshops during the week 17th to 20th July 2017 to provide information that will assist Murdoch staff who wish to submit an application to the next ARC and NHMRC major rounds. Further details and registration. Those intending to submit to apply to the next DECRA round are strongly advised to attend the DECRA workshop.
    4. ARC Discovery Projects - For those submitting to the ARC Discovery Projects please note the much earlier deadlines for submissions to the next round.
    5. PLEASE READ the attached documents (Deadlines for the ARC and NHMRC Major Grant Rounds 2017 and 2018 and Submission Guidelines for ARC and NHRMC 2017 and 2018) for important information about this process, policy, when to submit an EOI or IRMA coversheet, deadlines, requirements and the assessment of EOIs.
    6. 6Applicants should discuss their intention to submit an application with their Associate Dean of Research in the first instance. Applicants who are uncertain whether they are required to submit an EOI or an IRMA coversheet as per the attached guidelines should discuss this with the Grants team.

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  • HR Dashboard - messahe from the People and Culture Office

    We would like to promote the HR Dashboard, we feel that this would give Supervisors more control of the approvals required. They should not be waiting for emails but diarise the deadlines and keep the link to the dashboard in favourites.

    To access the Dashboard:

    • Go to HRS Menu (if they do not know how, type HRS Menu in the search engine from the Murdoch page and click on the link provided)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on HR Dashboard
    • Various information is available on this page including outstanding approvals. For example if they have 29 payment claims unapproved they click on the number 29 and the detailed payment claims appear for perusal and authorisation.
  • Scales for Sale

    Mary Nelson, Murdoch Graduate is selling a detailed weighing scale (scale manual). They have never been used. Mary is hoping to sell them for $200 but is open to negotiation. Please contact her directly on or

  • Indigenous Literacy Day and the Great Book Swap | 6th September

    September 6th is Indigenous Literacy Day, and the Great Book Swap is the Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s major fundraising event across Australia.

    The ILF uses our donations to support local organisations buy books for Indigenous children in remote communities, to help increase literacy levels and instil a lifelong love of reading. Over the years, the ILF has delivered over 200,000 books to more than 250 communities, and aims to deliver another 65,000 in 2017. The University Library is hosting a Great Book Swap event in its foyer on Wednesday, 6th September between 10am and 2pm and would like to invite all staff and students to take part.

    The idea behind the Swap is pleasingly simple: you bring a favourite book to the Library, and swap it for someone else’s favourite – and you both make a gold coin donation that we will forward to the ILF.

    Alternatively, you can make a donation directly to our fundraising page on the ILF’s website.

    For more information about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation go to 

    For more information about the Library’s Great Book Swap, contact Kate Makowiecka 

  • Mock Evacuation Fire Drills – Wednesday 13th September 2017

    In the interest of safety for students, staff and visitors to the University, Murdoch University will be conducting Mock Evacuations at the South Street Campus on Wednesday, 13th September 2017. Building by building evacuations will commence from 08:30 AM and finalising at 4:00 PM. During the evacuation, please follow fire warden(s) instructions promptly.

  • Academic Registrar's Office (ARO) Newsletter #26

    Please see the attached ARO Newsletter for week beginning 28 August.

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  • The New CRC-Project System: how can WA companies best access this federal government support program?”

    Presenter: Professor Tony Peacock, CEO, CRC Association
    Date and Time: Tuesday 12th September, 9am to 11am
    Venue: CERI - The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation, 1/22 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands, WA 6009


    1. What is the new CRC-P program about?
    2. How can the program be of value to WA companies?
    3. What is needed to submit a compliant CRC-P application with a good chance of success?
    4. What is the role of the industry partners relative to the researcher community?
    5. How are IP ownership issues handled in the program?
    6. Some recent examples of successful CRC-P applications?
    7. Some Do’s and Don’ts you should consider in order to make a successful bid?
    8. Q&A; session on the CRC-P program (along with other aspects of the CRC program).

    About Tony Peacock:
    Tony Peacock had advocated for CRCs as Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centres Association since 2010. He was CEO of a successful CRC for a decade and Managing Director of one of Australia’s Rural R&D; Corporations. Tony is a passionate advocate of applied research and was the 2010 winner of the Australian Government Eureka Prize for Promoting the Public Understanding of Science. A reproductive scientist by training, Tony holds a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a PhD in veterinary science from the University of Sydney. He has worked at the universities of Melbourne and Saskatchewan, served on the Board of several start-up biotechnology companies, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra. He was 2014 Monash University Churchill Fellow on university-business relationships. His current research interests are in conservation, collaboration, science communication, research leadership and effective innovation systems. Tony is a current series A investor in two innovative start-ups.

  • Elsevier Scholarly Publishing Seminar for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) – Western Australia

    Every year, over 3 million research articles are written, of which only half will end up being published in a peer-reviewed journal. Improve your writing skills and increase your chances of getting published by attending the Elsevier Scholarly Publishing Seminar.

    This seminar for ECRs will cover:

    1. Introduction to Scholarly Publishing
      • Origins of publishing and changes in publishing dynamics
      • Tips and tools to help you navigate the journal publishing process
    2. How to get published? (Editors panel discussion around below topics)
      • What Editors look for in an article
      • The peer review process
      • Authorship and ethics
    3. How to get your papers noticed?
      • Ways to get your published paper noticed
      • Using metrics to choose the right journal to publish

    Register here

    • This workshop is free-of-charge.
    • Please register to secure your seat by 8th September 2017
    • Limit to 60 registrations only
    Event Agenda
    Time Activity/Topic Speakers
    9:45am Registration - Fox Lecture Theatre (G59)
    (Tea/coffee available)
    10am - 10.05am Introduction & housekeeping Karen Jones
    Senior Librarian, The University of Western Australia
    10.05am - 10.10am Welcome Jill Bean
    University Librarian, The University of Western Australia
    10.10am – 10.55am Introduction to Scholarly Publishing & Ways to Get Your Papers Noticed Diana Jones
    Executive Publisher, Elsevier
    10.55am -11.25am Using the Right Metrics

    Dr Steven Riddell
    Customer Consultant, Elsevier

    Dr. Amir Karton
    Editor Chemical Data Collections, The University of Western Australia

    Dr. Fenella Gill
    Editor Australian Critical Care, Curtin University

    11.25am - 12.10pm Editor Panel Discussion
    (Includes Q & A’s)

    Professor Andrew Thompson
    Editor International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, Murdoch University

    Dr. Thomas Wernberg
    UWA Oceans Institute & School of Biological Sciences, The University of Western Australia

    12.10pm – 1.00pm Close and Networking Lunch - (Lunch provided)
    Seminar Details

    Date: Friday 15th September 2017
    Venue: The University of Western Australia (UWA), Fox Lecture Theatre (Fox 106:G59)

  • The Inaugural Murdoch University Annual Research Symposium

    Murdoch University is hosting it's first annual research symposium to highlight the research and creative endeavours by our talented Masters, Honours and Early Career Reseacher's and promote interdisciplinary research. Please see the attached flyer for mote information. You can register at