VLS Announcements 147 - 21 July 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I am both delighted and saddened to announce that Fiona Feist will leaving the sunny shores of VLS to undertake the role of Interim Academic Registrar from this coming Monday July 24th for the remainder of 2017.

Fiona has been with VLS as our Executive Business Manager for over two and a half years now, and she will be sorely missed. Her contributions to the school, its staff and its students are immeasurable and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work and for always bringing such amazing energy and passion to everything that she does. We wish her all the best!

I am also pleased to announce that Michelle Paul Davie will be taking on the role of Executive Business Manager for VLS for a period of six months, we are thrilled to have Michelle step up into this role and I hope you will join me in supporting her.

Open Day is fast approaching; I would like to remind everyone who will be attending on the day to register. The School briefing session will be held on Thursday 27th July.

Congratulations to PhD student Marianne Nyeggard who has uncovered a new species of sunfish while researching population genetics of ocean sunfish in the Indo-pacific region. Marianne’s research was published in the Zoological Journal of Linnean Society and has been picked up by international media including National Geographic and Cosmos magazine. More information is available at

Finally, I would be grateful if as many of us as possible could complete some or all of the compliance modules. We are required to have this in place, and I am under pressure to ensure their completion. If you go to you will see your own list, and which ones are yet to be completed. Most of them can be completed far more quickly than the suggested time. Not super exciting, but important.

Kind regards,

Phil Nicholls
Acting Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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  • Unit Contact Details in Calistafor action

    Dear Unit Coordinators, Could you please check that all units running in Semester 2 2017 have the unit contact details updated in Callista by COB on Wednesday 26th July 2017. We are sending out an email to all the Unit Coordinators in the first week of Semester 2 2017 regarding Exam Data Collection. Here is an example of one that is missing the unit contacts for S2 – no contacts found for the S2 external offering

  • Scholarly Practice of Academics at Murdoch - For academic staff on probation

    This email is to inform you that SPA will be running in second semester commencing next week.

    For information about SPA go here: 

    To enrol in SPA: click the link below and enter the key: onsen 

  • International Workshop on Biosafety and Biosecurity of Crops

    As part of an agreement between the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) and Malaysian Research Universities Network (MRUN), we organised a workshop at Murdoch with researchers from the University of Malaya (ranked #1 in Malaysia), LaTrobe University and Murdoch University (5-8th July 2017).

    The Malayisan speakers included Professor Dr Jennifer Harikrishna, Director of the Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), Prof. Dr. Rofina Yasmin Binti Othman, Director of the University of Malaya Centre for Innovation & Commercilisation, Chairman of UM's compliance committee and Vice President of the Innovation, and Technology Managers Association Malaysia, and Dr Muhammad Shakirin Bin Mispan, Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Biological Sciences. Associate Professor Plummer Kim Plummer presented for LaTrobe University, with Murdoch speakers included Kirsty Bayliss, Yonglin Ren, Steve Wylie, Steve Milroy, M. Adeel, Mike Jones plus postdocs and PhD students.

    This IRU-MRUN event is one of a series between these universities, and was followed by detailed discussions on joint Biosecruity postgrad offerings and potential funding applications. Some of the attendees are shown in the below image.

    for action
  • Calls for Expressions of Interest: ARC and NHMRC 2017/2018
    1. Murdoch University runs an internal Expression of Interest (EOI) process for applications to the ARC and NHMRC schemes. The Office of Research and Innovation is now calling for EOIs from researchers who are intending to submit to the ARC: Future Fellowships, Discovery Projects, Discovery Indigenous and DECRA and to the NHMRC schemes - including Projects and Fellowships.
    2. ARC Future Fellowships. Please note the internal EOI deadline for the ARC Future Fellowship is 10:00am, 21st August 2017 using the appropriate EOI scheme form and submitted to
    3. Information workshops - The Research and Innovation Office is holding a series of workshops during the week 17th to 20th July 2017 to provide information that will assist Murdoch staff who wish to submit an application to the next ARC and NHMRC major rounds. Further details and registration. Those intending to submit to apply to the next DECRA round are strongly advised to attend the DECRA workshop.
    4. ARC Discovery Projects - For those submitting to the ARC Discovery Projects please note the much earlier deadlines for submissions to the next round.
    5. PLEASE READ the attached documents (Deadlines for the ARC and NHMRC Major Grant Rounds 2017 and 2018 and Submission Guidelines for ARC and NHRMC 2017 and 2018) for important information about this process, policy, when to submit an EOI or IRMA coversheet, deadlines, requirements and the assessment of EOIs.
    6. 6Applicants should discuss their intention to submit an application with their Associate Dean of Research in the first instance. Applicants who are uncertain whether they are required to submit an EOI or an IRMA coversheet as per the attached guidelines should discuss this with the Grants team.

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Power Outage building 245 Science and Computing

    Due to works being able to proceed due to Technical works in building 245 we have rescheduled to this weekend the 23rd of July.

    Please find the attached Notification of power outage to West end of Building 245 Science and computing for this Sunday from 9am to 10:30am to disconnect Temporary power for building 340.

  • VLS Professional Staff Office Moves

    You will now find:
    Katherine Creseay in 235.3.036G
    Natalie Callan in 240.2.001; and
    Jacqueline Dyer in 235.3.035

  • Welcome to Dr Mieghan Bruce - message from Peter Irwin

    Please welcome Dr Mieghan Bruce who joined us yesterday as Lecturer in Veterinary Epidemiology.

    Mieghan takes up the position previously held by Professor Ian Robertson and resides in office 260.2.015 recently vacated by Ian. Mieghan is a Murdoch graduate, who was awarded her Ph.D entitled “The Impact of Brucellosis in Albania: A Systems Approach” by the Royal Veterinary College, London. Mieghan has taught epidemiology and economics in undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at the Royal Veterinary College, and worked as a private veterinary practitioner in both the UK and Australia. Mieghan has been working for the last few years in the UK at the Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool.

  • Welcome to Dr Cecilia Ley - message from Mandy O'Hara

    The pathology team would like to introduce Dr Cecilia Ley to the College and Hospital staff.

    Cecilia is a veterinary anatomical pathologist, who will be working with us part-time until the end of the year. Cecilia’s office is in 250.2.008 and her extension is 1295.

    Cecilia is a senior lecturer in anatomical pathology in Sweden, she is a European College of Veterinary Pathologists boarded pathologist and her PhD title was “Inflammatory response in equine joints. Studies on proinflammatory cytokines in diseased joints and chondrocyte cultures”. Cecilia will be helping teach systemic pathology to our 3rd year veterinary students in VET377 and will also be rostered onto our diagnostic service. Please introduce yourselves to Cecilia and welcome her to the college and Murdoch University

    for action
  • Welcome back Dr Flaminia Coiacetto - message from Mandy O'Hara

    The pathology team would like to welcome Dr Flaminia Coiacetto back to Murdoch as a Lecturer in Anatomic Pathology.

    Dr Coiacetto (or Min as she is fondly called :-)) is known to many of you as she has been at Murdoch for the last 3 years as a Resident in Anatomical Pathology. We are delighted to have Min join us as a lecturer, she will be teaching into VET377, coordinating ANS313 and contributing to the pathology diagnostic service as she transitions into her new role as an academic staff member. Please welcome Min back when you see her :-)

    for action
  • Domestic Engagement

    Kerina Puttman, Domestic Engagement Manager will be on leave after Open Day from Monday 31st July until Monday 13th November 2017. In her absence, Michelle Austin will be acting Domestic Engagement Manager and Julia Lees will be covering Michelle's position as Outreach Coordinator. Michelle can be contacted on 6078 from Monday 31st July.

  • Murdoch University Weather Station Upgrade - message from Phil Good

    The Murdoch University Weather Station, located at the Perth campus, recently received a much needed overhaul.

    The weather station was initially established in 1977 as a fully manual station. Daily readings were collected at 9am and later stored electronically in excel format for distribution. The station was upgraded and automated in 1998. A website was built by the Murdoch University computer science students as part of their Software engineering project.

    Since 1998, apart from the website being rebuilt in 1992 by Dr Tony Blackett, it has been running on the same data logger uploading data via a modem and phone line for analysis.

    Recently we have installed a new data logger and system software. Data is transferred via the 3G wireless network and the logger is powered by a Lead/Acid battery kept charged by a solar panel. Several new probes were also installed & the web site has been completely re-written.

    The weather station was initially established for use by the Atmospheric Science undergraduate students, but has also been used widely for research, teaching and by industry both locally and internationally.

    When money ran out to finish this project, a number of research groups in the School of Veterinary & Life Sciences generously came to the rescue to help in its completion. We are also very grateful to Dr Tony Blackett who supplied us with untold hours of IT support over and above what he was paid for.

    The site can be accessed via the address:

    The new Whitby Falls weather station installed in September 2015 is also linked to the South Street site or can be directly located at

  • IT Services Director’s Report

    The attached document aims to provide you with an overview of the technology initiatives being supported and delivered by IT Services

    The initiatives listed in this update are not the full range of initiatives completed or progressed in the last six months, but represent a number of our business-facing projects. We have categorised all initiatives under the key IT strategic themes of Engaging Experiences, Performance & Productivity, IT Foundations & Innovation.

  • Annual Staff Games

    The Annual Staff Games are happening on Friday 1st September 12 noon till 5pm with a trophy presentation/BBQ in the tavern afterwards. Registration is open at

  • Academic Registrar's Office (ARO) Newsletter #22

    Please see the attached ARO Newsletter for week beginning 10 July.

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  • Special seminar presented by Professor Jirui Wang

    Title: Pre-harvest sprouting resistance from genetic resources to wheat cultivars
    Presenter: Professor Jirui Wang, Sichuan Agricultural University, China
    Date: Monday 24 July
    Time: 1.30pm
    Location: SABC Seminar Room