VLS Announcements 122 - 27 January 2017

Dear Colleagues,

This week we have released two new research bulletins; “Finding just the right recipe: nutrient requirements on Christmas Island” and “Potato: international food security and export growth potential”. Research bulletins are a great way to communicate VLS research, well done to Dr Stephen Milroy, Professor Michael Jones, Katinka Ruthrof, Luca De Prato, Dr Sofie De Meyer, Dr Anna Hopkins, Dr Graham O’Hara, Professor John Howieson and A/Professor Giles Hardy.

Kind regards,

David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Submissions for the announcements can be made by emailing Mhairi Finlayson COB each Tuesday for publication Thursday

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  • Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) Request for Proposals (RFPs) FY 2017-18

    AMPC is the Rural Research and Development Corporation for the red meat processing industry in Australia. AMPC’s mandate is to provide research, development, extension (RD&E) and marketing services that improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the industry.

    Each year AMPC works with its members and other industry stakeholders to select investment priorities that are linked with AMPC strategies and member needs. The RFP’s are organised by Core AMPC Program as follows,

    1. Processing Technologies
    2. Environment and Sustainability
    3. Processing Hygiene, Quality and Meat Science
    4. Capability, Extension and Education
    5. Industry Improvement, Economic Analysis and Strategic Risks

    AMPC has recently implemented a new cloud-system for proposal development and submission. All Preliminary Research Proposals must be completed and submitted electronically via AMPC’s Client Centre by Monday, 20th February 2017.

    To assist with the submission of your proposal, please download the AMPC Client Centre User Guide.

    Please note, researchers will need to consider previously completed and ongoing activities undertaken by AMPC and Meat & Livestock Australia. R&D reports are available from AMPC and MLA websites.

  • Grants and Contracts Team update - new contact emails

    Please be advised that the Research Grants and Contracts Team will be operating via two new emails addresses. Please can you direct your email to one of the addresses below, as appropriate, rather than the individual.

    1. – For queries and support related to funding opportunities and advice, the preparation, review, approval and submission of grant applications, and award administration, including reporting and transfers.
    2. – For queries and support regarding research and related contracts and agreements with external organisations; including review, drafting, negotiation, execution, variations and other contract related issues.

    Your email will be attended by the appropriate member of the Grants and Contracts Team, please refer to the table below for details of team member areas of responsibility:

    Name Area Contact
    Jane Crier Manager, Research Grants and Contract Services
    Telephone: 9360 2970
    Jessica Derrett Arts, Education, Law, Business and Governance
    VLS - College of Veterinary Medicine
    Telephone: 9360 2484
    Jennifer Radford Engineering & IT (Mathematics & Statistics; Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering and Chemistry)
    VLS - Molecular & Biomedical Sciences
    CCG, IIID & Separation Sciences
    Health Professions
    Psychology and Exercise Sciences
    Telephone: 9360 6567
    Siobhan Hodge Engineering & IT (Information Technology; Electrical Engineering, Energy And Physics)
    VLS - Environmental & Conservation Sciences
    Telephone: 9360 6250
    Naomi Arbon VLS - Agricultural Sciences (Mon, Wed, Fri)
    Telephone: 9360 6761
    Carla De Gois Consultancy, Tenders, Contract Research
    Telephone: 9360 7611
    Hinke Van Gelder
    Carla De Gois
    Research and Related Contracts and Agreements
    Carla - Telephone: 9360 7611
    Hinke - Telephone: 9360 2810
  • VLS Casual Academic Contract Requests - Semester 1 2017 - Mac Compatible Form Addedfor action

    Please find attached the VLS Casual Academic Contract Request Form (Mac compatible form attached). Please fill in one of these for each of your casual academics. Academic staff should ensure that they have discussed their unit casual academic requirements with their Cluster Leader and received approval prior to making a request to the Operations team.

    Please complete the attached VLS Casual Academic Contract Request Form  (pay rates on page 3) and email it to as soon as possible and no later than COB Friday, 17 February 2017 or at least 2 weeks before the contract starts.  Please ensure that all details required on the form are provided and are correct for data entry on the online system.  It is the schools preference that tenured or fixed term academic staff should teach OUA and External units wherever possible.  Please note – Due to audit requirements the Office of People and Culture are now requiring additional information for all employees, details are on the VLS Casual Academic Request Form.

    With regards to the Casual Academic Contract process please note the following:

    • All recruitment must be approved by the Cluster Leader and within budget
    • Retrospective requests will not be accepted
    • For insurance purposes all employees will need to have a contract in place in the HR system before they start their teaching.
    • If required all payroll forms are available from VLS Operations either via email or from LB3.036, and the Tax File Number Declaration form can be printed from the ATO website and the original returned with the Contract. Employees who have been employed within the last 12 months will not need to resubmit these forms unless they need to make amendments to their details. Previous Employees who haven’t been employed within the last 12 months, will need to complete a new Tax Declaration Form and provide an email confirming all other payroll details (bank & superannuation) remain unchanged.
    • New employees to Murdoch will need to supply a current CV and complete the Employee Details Form (attached).
    • All Employee’s (New & Existing) will need to supply their current Working Rights and Qualifications (Details outlined on the Casual Academic Contract Request Form).

    Please also see the attached Exchange Personal Email Address and Mailbox and the Journey Insurance Form.

    If you have any queries about the process, please contact

  • VLS Small Research Grant Scheme and Equipment/Software Grant Scheme now open

    Please note submissions for both schemes are due 27th February 2017. Early and mid-career academics are encouraged to apply.

    Please see the attached:
    VLS 2017 Equipment Grant Application Form
    VLS 2017 Small Grant Application Form

  • Semester 1 2017 – update Unit Coordinator & Unit Contacts on Callista for action

    The Exams Office has asked if all unit coordinators (UC’s) and unit contact details could be checked on Callista for all Semester 1 2017 units. The Exam Data Collection process will be opening soon and Exams Office will be contacting all UC’s to get confirmation of their units exam requirements.

    Please email your requests for Unit Coordinator / Unit Contacts updates to

    If the unit contacts cannot be finalised for a unit, 2 weeks before the beginning of the Semester 1 (27 February 2017) you may need to contact your Academic Chair for advice.

  • Library review of print collections

    The Library is conducting a review to improve the quality of our print collection. The focus of this review is to provide our students and staff with the best available, up to date print collections and remove items that may obscure more contemporary and higher quality publications. The review has also identified some areas of the collection for future purchasing.

    We are now at the stage where the library has completed initial consultations and made some decisions regarding resources that are no longer required. The attached list documents all items relevant to VLS that have been marked for removal; this spreadsheet has 8 separate subject specific tabs.

    Please note the following:

    • This list does not include items that have already been marked for retention (the vast majority of the collection that is relevant to VLS)
    • These items have been identified for removal because they are low-quality, low-demand or have been replaced by newer resources
    • All items identified for removal are easily available via BONUS+ or our document delivery service
    • Specifically, items have been identified for removal, if:
      • They have never been borrowed or have not been borrowed for a significant period of time
      • They have been superseded by a later edition or editions
      • They are missing or damaged
      • They are available in another more accessible format
    • None of the items have been removed from the shelves. A separate project will implement the logistics of removing and reorganising resources

    If you do see anything that needs changing, please highlight it on the spreadsheet and forward it to Mike Calver by February 14th. The Valentine’s Day date is deliberate, because unless people reserve any item it will be subject to a St Valentine’s Day massacre.

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Academic Registrar's Office (ARO) Weekly Newsletter #1 - 23 January

    Please find attached, the ARO newsletter for week beginning 23 January.

  • Offer of Casual Professional Employment

    Due to audit requirements, the RC30 Offer of Casual Professional Employment form has been updated, please see attached (Mac compatible form).

  • Stores/Loading Zone 5 Opening Hours

    Please be advised that Stores/LZ5 will be open from 7am until 4pm starting Monday 30th January to better suit the needs of the hospital. Thanks to Sue and Karen for supporting this change so positively.

  • Veterinary and Life Sciences Award Ceremony 2017

    As the year comes to a close it is time to look to 2017 and a date for the School’s Award Ceremony at South Street. It has been a problem to have all scholarship recipients selected in time for early April ceremonies, so in 2017 the ceremonies will be held a couple of weeks later. This will allow us to include all scholarship recipients for the School at the Award Ceremony. The tentative date is: Vet and Life Sciences Award Ceremony, Wed 24 May from 6pm

  • Veterinary and Life Sciences Graduation - February 2017

    Date: Friday 17th February
    Contingency date: Saturday 18th February
    Venue: Lower Bush Court, South Street Campus
    Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Contingency dates: Please note the contingency dates allocated to each ceremony. In the case of inclement weather the ceremony may be moved to this date. Please allow for this in your diary.

  • Deadline - Chemical Management - March 2017 for action

    The Safety, Health and Wellbeing team requires your assistance in completion of the chemical manifest as previously circulated.

    • Despite repeated requests for providing list of all chemicals within their laboratory utilizing the Chemwatch Manifest chemical register; only 46 out of 118 were received.
    • Only 15 out of 118 responsible lab personnel have completed the mandatory Chemwatch online training session.

    Based on the above, it is requested that:

    • All areas such as laboratory, workshops and stores must complete the Amended Chemical Manifest – MUR – SAF – SPR – CHE – 2016. which includes a list of all chemicals in the area including quantity and location. A list of designated “hazardous substances” assessed as hazardous according to the assessment criteria produced by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission must also be kept and included.
    • The above mentioned chemical register should be sent to Brodey Anderson ( by no later than 31st March 2017.
    • Any surplus chemicals can be disposed of through the Science Store (Physical Sciences, Room 1.016) using Waste-Chemical-Disposal-Manifest.
    • ALL chemical users (staff, students, visitors, etc.) are required to complete Chemwatch online training sessions.

    For any concerns and queries please contact Brodey Anderson (

Student Opportunities [Expand All] | [Collapse All

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Science for Management Awards 2017 now open ­ Call for applications

    The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is inviting post-graduate students in the biophysical and social science fields to apply for its 2017 Science for Management Awards.

    The awards provide financial assistance ranging from $1000 to $5000 for new management-relevant research that addresses risks and threats faced by the Great Barrier Reef.

    The awards are open to doctorate and masters students throughout Australia.

    The awards are an important way for us to support and acknowledge valuable research being conducted by a new generation of scientists. They also encourage early career scientists to consider their research in the context of management for better environmental outcomes.

    Project proposals may focus on any aspect of the physical, biological, social, cultural and economic aspects of the Great Barrier Reef, and could range from observing social attitudes towards Reef management to examining the biological characteristics of a particular reef species.

    Projects addressing the management, conservation and sustainable use of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the World Heritage Area are particularly encouraged.

    Applicants must demonstrate how their proposed research addresses the knowledge gaps identified in the Agency’s Science Strategy and Information Needs 2014-2019. Other key supporting documents include the Great Barrier Reef Region Strategic Assessment Report, Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014, and the Reef 2050 Long-term Sustainability Plan.

    Applications close on 10 March 2017 and successful candidates will be notified in April 2017.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could forward this information to any post graduate student who may be interested in applying for the awards.

    For more information, go to the Agency’s website at or email

  • Crawford in Western Australia Student Awards

    Applications are invited from honours and postgraduate students interested in gaining international agricultural research experience in developing countries. See attached document and application form.

  • Skyrail Rainforest Foundation

    The Skyrail Rainforest Foundation offers funding to support student research that enhances the protection of tropical rainforests through better understanding and sustainable practices. Each year research students will be able to access up to $5,000 for PhD and masters projects and up to $2,000 for honours projects. Funding guidelines for PHD, Masters and Honours projects are released by the Foundation annually. The theme for funding differs every year and is decided on by the Public Fund Management Committee. The committee will be meeting early in 2017 to discuss the theme for this year's round of funding. Stay tuned and visit the Skyrail Foundation Website for more information.