VLS Announcements 121 - 20 January 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you are all settling back in and getting things ready for Semester 1. It is going to be another big year for teaching and research.

With the approach of Semester 1 can I remind you that Casual Academic Contract Requests should be submitted to the VLS Operations team no later than COB Friday 17th February. Due to audit requirements we now require additional information for all employees.

I am pleased to announce that the VLS Small Research Grant and VLS Equipment Grants are now open, more details below.

Kind regards,

David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Submissions for the announcements can be made by emailing Mhairi Finlayson COB each Tuesday for publication Thursday

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  • VLS Casual Academic Contract Requests - Semester 1 2017 for action

    Please find attached the VLS Casual Academic Contract Request Form. Please fill in one of these for each of your casual academics. Academic staff should ensure that they have discussed their unit casual academic requirements with their Cluster Leader and received approval prior to making a request to the Operations team.

    Please complete the attached VLS Casual Academic Contract Request Form  (pay rates on page 3) and email it to as soon as possible and no later than COB Friday, 17 February 2017 or at least 2 weeks before the contract starts.  Please ensure that all details required on the form are provided and are correct for data entry on the online system.  It is the schools preference that tenured or fixed term academic staff should teach OUA and External units wherever possible.  Please note – Due to audit requirements the Office of People and Culture are now requiring additional information for all employees, details are on the VLS Casual Academic Request Form.

    With regards to the Casual Academic Contract process please note the following:

    • All recruitment must be approved by the Cluster Leader and within budget
    • Retrospective requests will not be accepted
    • For insurance purposes all employees will need to have a contract in place in the HR system before they start their teaching.
    • If required all payroll forms are available from VLS Operations either via email or from LB3.036, and the Tax File Number Declaration form can be printed from the ATO website and the original returned with the Contract. Employees who have been employed within the last 12 months will not need to resubmit these forms unless they need to make amendments to their details. Previous Employees who haven’t been employed within the last 12 months, will need to complete a new Tax Declaration Form and provide an email confirming all other payroll details (bank & superannuation) remain unchanged.
    • New employees to Murdoch will need to supply a current CV and complete the Employee Details Form (attached).
    • All Employee’s (New & Existing) will need to supply their current Working Rights and Qualifications (Details outlined on the Casual Academic Contract Request Form).

    Please also see the attached Exchange Personal Email Address and Mailbox and the Journey Insurance Form.

    If you have any queries about the process, please contact

  • Honours Supervisors Information Session

    There have been several changes to honours recently. A Supervisor briefing session will be held to communicate these changes to Honours Supervisors. All current honours supervisors and academic staff interested in finding out more about honours are welcome to attend.

    Date: Monday 6th of February
    Time: 9:30am to 10:30am
    Venue: Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre (240.2.051)

  • Call for Honours Projects Semester 1, 2017

    There have been many inquires for honours projects from prospective honours students. If you would like to advertise honours projects please fill out the attached document with a brief summary of project information.

  • VLS Small Research Grant Scheme and Equipment/Software Grant Scheme now open

    Please note submissions for both schemes are due 27th February 2017. Early and mid-career academics are encouraged to apply.

    Please see the attached:
    VLS 2017 Equipment Grant Application Form
    VLS 2017 Small Grant Application Form

  • NHMRC Project applications in 2017 - changes, deadlines and information

    There have been some changes to the NHMRC Project scheme, see below. Please also remind colleagues to inform the Grants Team if they are involved in any application led by another organisation as this requires an IRMA coversheet and School/Centre approval of the application before submission.

    Key changes to 2017 Project Grants:

    • Changes to minimum data requirements
      • o Applicants must nominate a specific Grant Review Panel to assess their application as part of the minimum data requirements. The following sections must be completed in RGMS by 5pm 15 February 2017; failure to meeting this deadline will result in the application not proceeding:
        • General - Application Information: Administering Institution, Application Title, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research (yes/no) and Synopsis
        • A-RC: Research Classification (all sections)
        • B-GRPN: Grant Review Panel Nomination
    • Changes have been made to the eligibility period
      • CIs must meet all eligiblity criteria at the time of submission and for the duration of the peer review period;
    • Changes have been made to New Investigator eligibility
      • Additional clarification regarding New Investigator eligibility: if applicants have received funding support that includes research and salary support, the research support component must not total AUD$250,000 or more. Applicants who wish to apply as a NI must seek confirmation of their eligibility to apply in this category by submitting a NI form in RGMS by 25 January 2017. Instructions can be found here.
    • Changes have been made to 2017 Project Grants Category Descriptors (see Attachment A)
    • Changes have been made to 2017 Project Grants Indigenous Category Descriptors (see Attachment C)
    • Change to the RGMS application form, which applies to all funding schemes: The “Endorsement” stage for the University Research Office submission process has been removed to mitigate the risk of applications being endorsed and not certified. University Research Office are still required to certify and submit an application in RGMS.

    Important information for preparing a submission to the NHMRC
    Application documentation links:
    Funding Rules
    Advice and Instructions
    Budget mechanism for Research Support funding commencing 2018
    Grant Proposal template
    Advice to applicants on choosing their Peer Review Area

    Internal deadline and requirements:
    Please note the NHMRC deadline for minimum data in RGMS is the NHMRC Minimum Data Deadline: 15 February 2017. Please ensure this is ready for the Grants Team to review by the 13th February 2017.

    Please note that the “submission ready” proposal must be submitted via RGMS to the Grants Office by the 22nd February 2016 (see important dates below). Late submissions will not be accepted after this date. “Submission ready” means all required online RGMS sections are completed and the required documentation/attachments are final versions and uploaded in RGMS. This will ensure that the Grants Team have adequate capacity to carefully review each application for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with NHMRC guidelines and University policies, that required University approvals are obtained, and that you have time to make the necessary revisions. This also ensures that all university applicants receive the same level of support during this busy period.

    Key Dates for NHMRC Project Grants:

    11th January 2017 Applications open in RGMS
    25th January 2017 by 5pm AEDT Deadline for submission of New Investigator online forms to NHMRC
    15th February 2017 by 5pm AEDT Minimum data due in RGMS
    16th January 2017 IRMA Coversheet required for applicants both Murdoch and non-Murdoch led
    22nd February 2017 Grants Office Deadline for full application (including any Murdoch Contribution request)
    15 March 2017 by 5pm AEDT Applications close in RGMS
    Applications in Period 1: 5 June - 16 June 2017;
    Applications in Period 2: 26 June - 4 July 2017
    Approximate dates for release of Assessor Reports
    Applications in Period 1: 5 June - 16 June 2017;
    Applications in Period 2: 26 June - 4 July 2017
    Approximate dates for submission of Applicant’s response (rebuttal)
    8 September 2017 Completion of Peer Review 8 September 2017 Completion of Peer Review
    September 2017 NFFC applicants advised of outcomes September 2017 NFFC applicants advised of outcomes
    October - December 2017 Funding Announcement October - December 2017 Funding Announcement

    For further information and guidance, please contact

  • Australia-Korea Foundation 2017-18 Grant Round Opening - 6 Feb 2017

    The Australia-Korea Foundation Grant Round for 2017-18 will open on 6 February 2017, closing 2pm(AEDT) Monday, 3 April 2017. Please see below for further information.

    The objectives of the Australian-Korea Foundation are to:

    • increase public awareness of Australia in Korea, and of Korea in Australia, and the importance of the bilateral relationship
    • develop partnerships in areas of shared interest in the bilateral, regional and global context
    • increase Australians’ capacity to effectively engage with Korea

    Key Priority Areas

    • Trade diplomacy and geopolitics
    • Technological and scientific innovation
    • Building cultural understanding
    • Reciprocal Australian and Korean studies

    In order to enhance the relevance and diversity of AKF grant applications, achieving a better balance across the four priority areas, amongst all states and territories, project ideas are provided below as examples. These ideas are given as examples only and other innovative applications within these priority areas are encouraged.

    Building Cultural Understanding

    • to promote creative sectors including supporting tours to Korea by ballet groups, symphony orchestra, children's theatre etc.;
    • to promote Australian Indigenous culture and contemporary Australian literature, music and design; and

    Reciprocal Australian and Korean Studies

    • to enhance alumni engagement in Korea, especially through the Alumni Ambassador in Korea;
    • to promote collaboration in STEAM education between Australian and Korean schools;

    Technological and Scientific Innovation

    • to showcase development in the robotics space in Korea at both the 2017 World Science Festival and at Robotronica (a major Robotics festival) in Brisbane;
    • to profile Korea's excellence in recycling and e-waste processing in Australia;
    • to share experiences and skills in regulatory quality and standards setting, with particular regard to new and developing technologies (mapping, driverless cars, big data and the internet of things).

    Trade Diplomacy and Geopolitics

    • to exchange tourism management skills between Tasmania and Jeju Island;
    • to support Queensland implementing the Queensland Asia Tourism Strategy 2016-2025;
    • to promote a greater understanding in the ROK of the strategic role both countries are able to play in addressing the geopolitical issues in the Indo-Pacific, including in response to the ongoing provocations by the DPRK; and other tensions in the region in which both the ROK and Australia have a shared interest being resolved in a peaceful manner;
    • to promote a reciprocal understanding in the ROK and Australia of inclusion and respect for individual rights, transparency and right for citizens to assemble; supporting Australia's global work on abolishing the death penalty; and promoting gender equality.
  • Australia-China Council Grant Round Opening on 6 Feb 2017

    The Australia-China Council (ACC) 2017-18 grant round will open on Monday 6 February 2017 and close on 2.00pm Wednesday 19 April 2017 (AEST).

    The grant round seeks to encourage overseas projects and engagement by individuals and organisations interested in enhancing Australia’s bilateral relationship with China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The ACC supports projects across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Australia, the grants are designed to provide seed funding to Australian organisations and individuals for proposals around education (including science and innovation connectivity), economic diplomacy, arts and culture. Projects should align with the ACC’s 2014-2018strategic funding priorities and are also relevant to:

    • The China-Australia Year on Tourism 2017
    • The 45th anniversary of Australia’s diplomatic relations with the PRC (2018)
    • The 40th anniversary of the establishing of the Australia-China Council (2018)
  • Murdoch - Aspire Program, International Conference Grant

    The Perth Convention Bureau partners with the Murdoch University to provide a $5,000 grant to assist with attendance of a staff member at a relevant international conference in their chosen field of endeavour.

    This scholarship not only provides an opportunity for the individual to progress their professional development but is also a great platform to promote the University’s research capabilities abroad.

    Further information is available at this link and a flyer is attached. Applications are due 31st March 2017.

    Also, there is an information session for prospective applicants to be held on the 13th February, further details attached, please RSVP to

  • 2017 Healthway Research Funding Round - now open

    The 2017 Healthway Research Funding Round is now open. There are currently two categories of funding available, Exploratory Research Grants and Intervention Research Grants.

    A two-stage application process is in place:
    Stage 1 is submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI)
    Stage 2 is an invited full application

    There are no closing dates for EoIs.

    All applicants must focus on at least one of Healthway’s priority health areas, demonstrate a focus on research translation, establishment of end-user partnerships and intent and potential for the research to impact policy, programs and practice in WA. For more information please read the Intervention Research and Exploratory Research Grant Guidelines.

    More information is available on our website.

  • Gunduwa Small Grants available

    Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association would like to invite Community/Industry organisations who support our vision and demonstrate work towards key regional objectives to apply for the second round of small grants.

    Gunduwa Vision & Scope
    Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association Objective is to enhance biodiversity and sustainability values across the Region in accordance with the Plan. The Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association is funded by Mount Gibson Iron and Asia Iron as part of their environmental offset package - details contained in Ministerial Statement 753.

    Gunduwa is defined by the region as the area bordered by Beacon, Wubin, Morawa and Payne’s Find. The region contains the botanical transitional zone between the woodlands of the wheat belt and the expansive mulga zone of the interior. The Great Northern Highway between the Wubin and Payne’s Find transects country rich in natural diversity – farms, pastoral lands, woodlands, salt lakes, shrub lands, and the banded iron and greenstone hills of the surrounding rangelands.

    More informatin is available at

  • Journal trial

    The University Library is trialling full access to the journal, Blood by the American Society of Hematology until the 31st of March 2017. The trial includes all issues of the journal from 1946 to present.

    Blood is a weekly medical journal published by the American Society of Hematology. It provides an international forum for the publication of original articles describing basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in haematology. The journal covers all aspects of haematology, including disorders of leukocytes, both benign and malignant, erythrocytes, platelets, haemostatic mechanisms, vascular biology, immunology, and hematologic oncology.

    Please forward any feedback to

  • Semester 1 2017 – update Unit Coordinator & Unit Contacts on Callista for action

    The Exams Office has asked if all unit coordinators (UC’s) and unit contact details could be checked on Callista for all Semester 1 2017 units. The Exam Data Collection process will be opening soon and Exams Office will be contacting all UC’s to get confirmation of their units exam requirements.

    Please email your requests for Unit Coordinator / Unit Contacts updates to

    If the unit contacts cannot be finalised for a unit, 2 weeks before the beginning of the Semester 1 (27 February 2017) you may need to contact your Academic Chair for advice.

  • Library review of print collections

    The Library is conducting a review to improve the quality of our print collection. The focus of this review is to provide our students and staff with the best available, up to date print collections and remove items that may obscure more contemporary and higher quality publications. The review has also identified some areas of the collection for future purchasing.

    We are now at the stage where the library has completed initial consultations and made some decisions regarding resources that are no longer required. The attached list documents all items relevant to VLS that have been marked for removal; this spreadsheet has 8 separate subject specific tabs.

    Please note the following:

    • This list does not include items that have already been marked for retention (the vast majority of the collection that is relevant to VLS)
    • These items have been identified for removal because they are low-quality, low-demand or have been replaced by newer resources
    • All items identified for removal are easily available via BONUS+ or our document delivery service
    • Specifically, items have been identified for removal, if:
      • They have never been borrowed or have not been borrowed for a significant period of time
      • They have been superseded by a later edition or editions
      • They are missing or damaged
      • They are available in another more accessible format
    • None of the items have been removed from the shelves. A separate project will implement the logistics of removing and reorganising resources

    If you do see anything that needs changing, please highlight it on the spreadsheet and forward it to Mike Calver by February 14th. The Valentine’s Day date is deliberate, because unless people reserve any item it will be subject to a St Valentine’s Day massacre.

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  • HRNow is Here!

    Staff can now access a range of People and Cultyre support services at any time with the launch of the new HR Helpdesk. HRNow as it is known will provide a simple and efficient way to seek information, request services, track progress, provide updates and manage enquiries efficiently and effectively online.

    Emails sent to HR helpdesk, casual helpdesk, supperannuation and salary packaging email ids will be assigned a ticket through the new helpdesk platform and you will be able to follow up with the employee services team using the assigned ticket number.

    In 2017, HRNow will be progressively expanded to include a comprehensive range of HR services that will allow you to access the HRNow portal to track progress of your queries and service requests with the People and Culture Office. HRNow will also provide self-service options in the form of dynamic knowledge articles on key People and Culture processes and practices.

    Your feedback on this service is welcome and can be directed to

  • Veterinary and Life Sciences Award Ceremony 2017

    As the year comes to a close it is time to look to 2017 and a date for the School’s Award Ceremony at South Street. It has been a problem to have all scholarship recipients selected in time for early April ceremonies, so in 2017 the ceremonies will be held a couple of weeks later. This will allow us to include all scholarship recipients for the School at the Award Ceremony. The tentative date is: Vet and Life Sciences Award Ceremony, Wed 24 May from 6pm

  • Veterinary and Life Sciences Graduation - February 2017

    Date: Friday 17th February
    Contingency date: Saturday 18th February
    Venue: Lower Bush Court, South Street Campus
    Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Contingency dates: Please note the contingency dates allocated to each ceremony. In the case of inclement weather the ceremony may be moved to this date. Please allow for this in your diary.

  • Deadline - Chemical Management - March 2017 for action

    The Safety, Health and Wellbeing team requires your assistance in completion of the chemical manifest as previously circulated.

    • Despite repeated requests for providing list of all chemicals within their laboratory utilizing the Chemwatch Manifest chemical register; only 46 out of 118 were received.
    • Only 15 out of 118 responsible lab personnel have completed the mandatory Chemwatch online training session.

    Based on the above, it is requested that:

    • All areas such as laboratory, workshops and stores must complete the Amended Chemical Manifest – MUR – SAF – SPR – CHE – 2016. which includes a list of all chemicals in the area including quantity and location. A list of designated “hazardous substances” assessed as hazardous according to the assessment criteria produced by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission must also be kept and included.
    • The above mentioned chemical register should be sent to Brodey Anderson ( by no later than 31st March 2017.
    • Any surplus chemicals can be disposed of through the Science Store (Physical Sciences, Room 1.016) using Waste-Chemical-Disposal-Manifest.
    • ALL chemical users (staff, students, visitors, etc.) are required to complete Chemwatch online training sessions.

    For any concerns and queries please contact Brodey Anderson (

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  • WABSI PhD Top Up Scholarship: Applications closing soon

    We are seeking a PhD student who can make a positive contribution to the increased understanding of Western Australia’s biodiversity, in line with our purpose and principles.

    Eligible research activities need to demonstrate contribution to the improvement, modification, adaptation or increased understanding of Western Australia’s biodiversity. Research areas include:

    • Restoration of ecosystems and reintroduction of species
    • An assessment of the variety of species in an ecosystem
    • Processes or events adversely affecting species

    The maximum duration of the scholarship is 3.5 years, subject to satisfactory university approved progress and performance.

    View full selection criteria and download application form

    What is WABSI?
    The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) is a joint venture between leading research organisations. As a collective, it meets the research needs of organisations that utilise biodiversity scientific knowledge such as government, industry, non-government organisations and community. Our work helps inform policy and land use decisions through collaborative research that integrates biodiversity knowledge from across Western Australia, making it more accessible to government, industry and the community. Find out more

  • Regional Research Project Scholarships 2017

    Two scholarships are available with funding from the state Government’s Science and Agribusiness Connect.

    These scholarships comprise $10,000 for regional based research in an Honours or Masters level project related to agriculture and undertaken with a regional WA agribusiness partner. Scholarships will comprise $5,000 operating funds and a $5,000 stipend payment to students. The stipend will be paid in two instalments, at commencement and at submission of thesis.

    Applicants need to be eligible to enrol in Bachelor of Science Honours or Masters degree that has an agriculturally relevant research component and commence and complete the research project in 2017.

    More information for supervisors and applicants is available on the following attachment and link: The Regional Research Project Scholarship

  • 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2017 @ UNITED NATIONS - Bangkok, Thailand

    Humanitarian Affairs UK will host the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) 2017 at United Nations, Bangkok in Thailand from August 1st to 7th 2017. The theme of the Symposium is “Building LIFE, Giving HOPE”. We are expecting about 900 emerging world leaders from the United Nations Member States to participate in this event which focuses on developing leaders to bring social change.

    We are pleased to invite you to nominate up to 7 Outstanding Student Leaders to attend the Symposium or to disseminate this invitation to the student population in your institution of higher learning.

    The USLS is a week-long Leadership Conference in Social Development for young leaders from all over the world. The purpose is to instil a sense of social responsibility as well as to cultivate the attributes of selfless giving among our emerging world leaders. The young participants will learn what it means to give back to the community and be challenged to respond to the needs of the marginalized with works of kindness and unconditional service. Delegates will have the opportunity to expand their professional network and understanding of world affairs. They will be motivated to use their knowledge and leadership skills to impact the communities in need.

    Humanitarian Affairs UK, is affiliated to United Nations Global Compact, World Association of Non-Governmental Organization, International Association for Voluntary Efforts and the World Alliance for Citizens Participation. More information about the program, speakers and fees of the Symposium can be obtained from or from United Nations webpage at : UN Reliefweb. For other enquiry, kindly write to