VLS Announcements 117 - 9 December 2016

Dear Colleagues,

On Friday we celebrated the Veterinary Registration Day, please accept my apologies for the announcements being published late. I would like to thank Frankie DeRousie, Margo Darbyshire, Chelsea Little, Carolyn Hilton, Christine Foulkes, Hannah Lawton, Sarah Gillet, Shannon Edwards, Mhairi Finlayson, Natalie Callan, our Technical staff and everyone who helped make this a successful event

Dr Jatin Kala was featured on Today Tonight last week commenting on climate change for the southwest region and his research into altering land management practices to change the properties of soils and crops to help reduce the intensity of heat waves.  Dr Claire Sharp has also featured across television, radio and online speaking about the cat community blood bank set up at The Animal Hospital.  Charlotte Oskam, Una Ryan and Peter Irwin also had an article about the parliamentary enquiry into tick-bitten Australians suffering from a disease with Lyme-like symptoms published in The Conversation on Friday.  I would like to congratulate and thank all staff who have had their research and work featured in the media, it helps to raise the profile of the school and the university.

In line with the rest of the University the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences (excluding The Animal Hospital) will be closed from Friday, 23th December 2016 (COB) and will reopen again on Monday 9th January 2017.

All VLS staff (except those working in The Animal Hospital) will be required to take annual leave on both Thursday 5th and Friday 6th January 2017. Leave applications can be submitted online via MyHR:

The University is committed to ensuring all staff members are able to maximise their health and wellbeing. An important component of this is staff being able to take adequate leave from work on a regular basis in order to ‘rest and recharge’. In taking these two days leave, this will allow most staff to take advantage of a complete two week rest period.

If any staff are unable to take annual leave for these two days they are required to provide a request and reason, in writing, before Friday, 9 December 2016 as follows:

Please take note of limited service periods and finance deadlines mentioned in the “Staff news and Events” section.

Kind regards,

David Hampson
Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Submissions for the announcements can be made by emailing Mhairi Finlayson COB each Tuesday for publication Thursday

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  • Changes to Marking of Multiple Choice Exams from January 1, 2017

    There will be a change to the process by which computer answer sheets will be marked from 1 January 2017.

    CUTL will process any 2016 MCQs as follows

    CUTL will process MCQ till end of 31st Dec 2016. Due to Christmas shutdown, all MCQs received/dated between Dec 26th to Dec 31st, 2016 will be processed (as early as possible) in the week of Jan 9th, 2017. Please ensure that all MCQ dated on or before 31st Dec 2016 are forwarded to CUTL office personally by COB Jan 9th 2017 for processing and note that MCQ scanner is scheduled for asset disposal on Jan 11th, 2017.

    Implementation of the new service is underway, with initial testing taking place last week. Procedural details will be provided once setup is finalised. We will work with the provider (ACSPRI) to have the service operational from 1 January so that the new MCQ forms which will be used in the Supplementary & Deferred exams commencing on 16 January 2017 can be marked via the new process.

    Any unexpected delay with new service, should affect a very small number of units. However, changes to the Supplementary Assessment eligibility range may affect this number. We have become aware that some unit co-ordinators mark the MCQ forms using a marking template instead of incurring the cost of having them processed. This would only be necessary if the new service isn't implemented by the start of Supplementary and Deferred exams. More information is available on the attached document.

  • ICETEX Programs for foreigners in Colombia – 2017,Visiting Professors Program

    The Embassy of Colombia wishes to thank all the representatives of the government and education sector in Australia that attended the launch of “ICETEX Programs for foreigners in Colombia – 2017” on the 28th of November, at the premises of the Embassy of Colombia.

    This program allows scholars, academics, speakers and researchers to participate in various kinds of academic activities partnering with Colombian institutions. More than 1000 professors and academics travel to Colombia each year to visit the best universities and exchange academic experiences with Colombian students, academics, and research groups. ICETEX invests more than USD 1million annually in this program.

    “Visiting Professors program” is designed to support Colombian universities in their internationalization process with visits of international professors. Most of the visiting scholars have been coming from Spain and the United States. However, ICETEX is looking forward to diversify this program with other countries. The majority of the academic work in type of program corresponds to subjects such as social sciences, health, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths)


    • Duration of the visit: not less than three (3) days, and no more than (3) three months
    • ICETEX selects the candidates every two months ahead of the trip
    • This program covers the international airfare (economy), accommodation, and food
    Some of the Requirements:
    • Registration of the educational centre in the reciprocity program for foreigners in Colombia. The institutions have to present the profile of the candidate
    • The expert has a permanent residence abroad
    • Recognition of the expert by the international scientific community

    For applications and full information please visit the ICETEX website:

  • ARC Discovery Projects 2018

    Proposals for ARC Discovery Projects for funding commencing in 2018 are now open in the ARC Research Management System (RMS) and will close at 5.00pm (AEDT) on Wednesday, 1 March 2017. The Instructions for Applicants for funding commencing in 2018 are attached. Please read these as there are changes to the application from last year, notably the “Project Environment” has been removed as a separate criteria and is now addressed under “Feasibility”. “Benefit” is now a separate assessment category.

    Important information for preparing a full submission to the ARC: Internal deadline and requirements:
    Please note that the “submission ready” proposal must be submitted via RMS to the Grants Office by the 8th February 2016 (see important dates below). Late submissions will not be accepted after this date. “Submission ready” means all required online RMS sections are completed and the required documentation/attachments are final versions and uploaded in RMS. This will ensure that the Grants Team have adequate capacity to carefully review each application for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with ARC guidelines and University policies, that required University approvals are obtained, and that you have time to make the necessary revisions. This also ensures that all university applicants receive the same level of support during this busy period.

    Important Dates:

    1. Proposals Open: 7 December 2016 (and release of Instructions to Applicants)
    2. Request Not to Assess (ARC Deadline): 15 February 2017
    3. IRMA Coversheet submitted by: 16th January 2017
    4. Murdoch Contribution request submitted by: 8th February 2017
    5. Grants Office Deadline: 8th February 2017
    6. ARC Deadline: 1 March 2017

    More information about this scheme is available on the Discovery Projects page

  • Careers and Employment Centre

    Thank you for your support and collaboration in promoting the activities of the Careers and Employment Centre within VLS this year. We have appreciated your time, patience and assistance! Before you all collapse from exhaustion and run for a much-needed break, I am writing to ask you to once again promote the following activities of the Careers Centre commencing just before Semester 1 commences.

    Careers Week 2017 will begin with 3 discipline-based “Get Career Ready Boot Camps” held in Orientation Week, followed by Careers Week in a marquee on Bush Court the first week of Semester.

    Full details can be found on our website at and students will need to register via CareerConnect Attached documents to promote this event are Career Boot Camp Slide, Career Boot Camp Poster, Careers Week Slide, Careers Week Poster.

    Finally, to make way for the new Student Hub project the Careers Team will be moving out of our offices on Bush Court next week.  Students will find us in person in the Student Centre from 9 January 2017, though the Careers Team will be available through email and telephone until 23 December 2016.

  • Call for Academic Staff Nominations for Senate

    Nominations are now open for one Academic staff member on Senate for a three year term commencing at the end of this election process.

    Senate is the University's primary governing body with responsibilities that include setting the strategic framework for the University and monitoring of University performance against this framework.

    If you are interested in becoming actively involved in the future of Murdoch University at the highest level, we encourage you to nominate. If you are interested but unsure of what membership entails, please see the Senate web page or contact the University Secretary, Trudi McGlade via email to or phone extension 7318 for more information.

    Nomination process
    To be eligible, you must be a permanent or temporary Academic staff member with a contract 50% or more full-time. You can nominate yourself. However, if you are nominating someone else, you must include their consent with the nomination. There is no nomination form, and no need for a nominator or seconder.

    To nominate for Senate send an email to Lynette Darnell at Please also supply a digital photograph and a biography or election statement of no more than 400 words. These will be included in a broadsheet provided to voters.

    Nominations will close at 4.00pm 13 December 2016. Statements and photos must be submitted by this date.

    The following dates apply to the conduct of the election:
    Tuesday 13 December 2016 – nominations close at 4.00pm
    Wednesday 14 December 2016 – voting commences 12noon
    Wednesday 28 December 2016 – voting closes 12noon

    There may be instances where for reasons such as being in remote locations without network access, or due to disability, some staff may be unable to vote online. If for such reasons of special need you require a paper based postal vote, please contact Lynette Darnell via email to or phone extension 6544 before 4.00pm Tuesday 13 December 2016.

    For more information on elections, please visit the Elections web page.

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  • Academic Registrar's Office (ARO) Weekly Newsletter #48 - 5 December

    Please find attached, the ARO newsletter for the week beginning 5 December. 

  • Revised Request for Issue of Invoice (Form #485)

    The Request for Issue of Invoice (Form #485) has been revised to include a new section with respect to expense reimbursement claims (see attached). This new section allows certain reimbursements to be credited directly to expense rather than being credited to income (Recovery Fees) and requiring a manual journal transfer to expense. The goal of this change is to reduce the time spent ensuring that reimbursements offset each other and reduce the expense burden in the P&L.

    When a person has an expense reimbursement, they should submit the RFI as normal but select YES in the checklist near the bottom of the form and provide the supporting information listed in the bullet points below. If you are unsure of an account code, the Finance Officers will confirm/correct the coding and your Financial Analyst will review to ensure correct treatment.

  • Foundational Leadership Award 2017 Recipients Announced

    The Organisational Capability website has been updated to announce the success of the Foundational Leadership Awards as shown here. Congratulations the VLS awardees; to Dr Paula Magni, Dr Jatin Kala and Chelsea Little.

  • Amended Chemical Manifest - message from Brodey Anderson

    The safety department would like to advise that we have made some adjustments to the chemical manifest sent previously. This will hopefully make life easier for staff to complete and also allow for an easy transfer into Chemwatch, can you please disburse to all those responsible people within the laboratory to now use the new Amended Chemical Manifest – MUR – SAF – SPR – CHE – 2016.

    I kindly advise that any manifests received already will be amended by the safety team, apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Food and Beverage Opening Hours for Summer 2016 - 2017

    During the summer period, the University's food and beverage outlets operate restricted opening hours. This year, the closure of the Refectory also marks the commencement of the Student Hub project construction works, so you'll need to make doubly sure you know which outlets are open and what other options are available. Good-bye Refectory. Hello Student Hub!

    As highlighted in previous staff announcements, the Student Hub development includes an extensive refurbishment of the existing Refectory and Senate Buildings. Consequently, the Refectory will be permanently closed from later this month, with individual closure dates shown below: 

    • Absolutely Kebabulous - 28 November 2016
    • Short Order Burger Company - 02 December 2016
    • Aroma Cafe - 02 December 2016
    • Wok Inn - 02 December 2016

    Further information on the Student Hub project is available from the project microsite

    Club Murdoch

    The Student Hub development also encompasses the current Club Murdoch location, which will be relocated to the former Sir Walter's Cafe in the Library Courtyard over the summer period. This is a temporary move, pending the return of Club Murdoch to the new restaurant within the Student Hub development later next year. 

    Club Murdoch will be open as usual in its current location until Friday 16 December 2016. It will re-open on Wednesday 11 January 2017 in its new temporary home in the Library courtyard. 

    Guild & other outlets

    The other Perth campus outlets remaining open in December will trade as follows: 

    • Café Kadjininy in the South Street Library will be open until Friday 23 December 2016, reopening on Monday 9 January 2017; 
    • The Tavern closes on Thursday 22 December 2016, and reopen at the start of Semester 1, 2017. 
    • Bang Bang Speciality Coffee remains trading from their ECL Courtyard Coffee Cart until Friday 16 December 2016, reopening on Monday 9 January 2017. Watch out for earlier than usual closing times; and
    • Campus Asian Foods closes Thursday 15 December 2016, and reopens in February 2017. 

    A printed copy of the full opening hours is available from the entrance to the Refectory. 

    The Pop-Up Ref and Food Trucks

    To supplement the reduced number of food outlets before the Limited Service Period commences, a number of Food Trucks and other mobile vendors will be located in Upper Bush Court, nearby the Library entrance and The Nexus Theatre, from 5 December 2016 until 23 December 2016. 

    From early January 2017, the Pop-Up Ref will open as our new home for Food Trucks. The Pop-Up Ref is located South of The Broadwalk path, down the steps from Bush Court to the east of GCL1 and The Nexus Theatre. The Pop-Up Ref will open from early January. Watch out for signage and further announcements closer to the time. 

  • Science Stores - Extended Christmas Shutdown Period

    In line with the University initiative to encourage extension of the Christmas shutdown period, the Science Store will be shut from 3.30pm 23rd December 2016 and reopening Monday 9th January 2017. This decision has been made after consultation with main stakeholders. The Store will also be closed for the afternoon of Friday 16th December from 11.30am.

  • Important Pay Arrangements and deadlines for December 2016 and early 2017

    Please find attached an announcement on the payroll arrangements for December 2016 and January 2017.

  • Accommodation Wanted for Professional Family–Applecross (preferably) – 1st July to 31st December 2017 - message from Peter Irwin

    Accommodation is needed for a visiting veterinary professional couple and their primary school-aged son for the second half of 2017. Both parents will be working in the College (one as a radiologist, the other as a pathologist) to assist us with teaching the double cohort. They have been in discussion with the Applecross Primary School which has a place for their son if they can live locally, so it’s a matter of trying to help find them a place in the same suburb. Any assistance you can give would be appreciated. Please contact Peter Irwin (2590) or Mandy O’Hara (2297).

  • End of Year Processing Deadlines- IMPORTANT DATES - Purchasing Card Acquittals Deadline 9th, Accounts Payable Deadline 12th, Accounts Receivable 14th  for action>

    The Finance Support Team (FST) and the Central Finance Office need your support in achieving a successful end of year process. You can assist us to meet your requirements by ensuring documentation is submitted as early as possible and at the latest by the deadlines below (click on title to expand section)

    Accounts Payable
    Due Monday, 12th December 2016
    Includes all invoices for payment and staff/student reimbursements.
    Invoices for goods or services delivered in 2016, that are submitted to the FST from 12th to 22nd December 2016 will be accrued in the same year.
    Note: payment will most likely not reach supplier account until 2017.
    If goods or services are delivered in 2016 without invoice, please advise your Financial Analyst by the 5th January 2017 to be managed as part of the 2016 accrual process.

    Purchasing Card Acquittals
    Due Friday, 9th December 2016
    To guarantee processing of your 2016 transactions in the current year, every endeavour should be made to ensure purchases can be captured on your November statement, to be submitted to the FST for processing by the 9th December deadline.
    The 9th December deadline is to allow as much time as possible to process cost in the 2016 year. The FST cannot guarantee this will occur for purchasing card acquittals received after this date.
    Time permitting, expenses >$2k post your November statement that relate to goods or services delivered to site, or travel that has happened in 2016, will be managed as part of the 2016 accrual process. We shall provide an interim statement to you on the 15th December 2016. Please review and submit by 19th December only if accrual is essential. You will need to provide a copy of the invoice, account code to charge and business purpose.

    Other Functions
    Accounts Receivable Due Wednesday, 14th December 2016 All invoice requests (Form 485).
    Note: - Continue to send in your invoice requests after the deadline that relate to services provided in 2016 and we will manage as part of the 2016 accrual process.
    Asset Acquisition & Disposal Due Wednesday, 30th November 2016.
    All purchases post this date by Wednesday, 21st December 2016
    This will ensure all costs associated with an asset are recognised in 2016.
    Journal Requests Due Friday 23rd December 2016 Relates to internal charges, transfer of cost between accounts, posting code corrections, etc.
    Cash to be Banked Due Thursday, 22nd December 2016 Deliver to Central Finance by 12 pm – Chancellery Building, Level 3.

    Finance One and Concur Approvers: timely approvals in Finance One and Concur are critical to achieving the deadlines so as not to delay the end process – your assistance is appreciated.

    If you have any concerns regarding the above deadlines or need further clarification, please contact Ellie Meek, Annette Baker-Forrow or Jeremy McCraw in the Finance Support Team (FST).

  • School of Business and Governance Newsletter

    Please see the attached School of Business and Governance Newsletter from December

Seminars, Conferences and Scholarships [Expand All] | [Collapse All

  • AMSI Summer School 2017

    This is the final call for applications to attend AMSI Summer School 2017 at the University of Sydney this January, with applications closing on Sunday, 4 December – so get in quick!

    The Summer School is a four-week residential school in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines, and will run from 9 January to 3 February. Offering eight exciting subjects, students can enrol in up to two honours-level courses, and may be able to take one course for credit towards their degree, including an area that may not be available at their home university.

    In addition to lectures and tutorials, Summer School students are invited to attend exclusive program extras to expand their academic experiences and build their networks, including a Women in the Mathematical Sciences Panel Session, Lunchtime Lectures, Social Events and the Careers Afternoon featuring employers from Google, Optiver and the Australian Signals Directorate (Australian Government's Department of Defence), plus many more.

    For more details about AMSI Summer School 2017, including how to apply, please visit our website.

    Find out more.

  • ICETEX Programs for foreigners in Colombia – 2017, Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies for foreign Students in Colombia

    The Embassy of Colombia wishes to thank all the representatives of the government and education sector in Australia that attended the launch of “ICETEX Programs for foreigners in Colombia – 2017” on the 28th of November, at the premises of the Embassy of Colombia. This program offers a full scholarship for citizens from all over the world to fulfil Master and Doctoral studies in Colombia. For the last 5 years, the program of Postgraduate Scholarships was available only once a year, now ICETEX has opened the offer twice a year.

    General Description

    • The deadline to apply for the second semester of 2017 is May, 2017
    • For Master courses (2 years) and for Doctoral courses (3 years)
    • Allowance USD $670/ month
    • Courtesy visa
    • Stipend for books and materials: Grant of $354.170 COP (approximately USD $115)
    • Health insurance: Wide coverage in medical assistance only at national level
    • Installation costs: Grant of $354.170 COP (approximately USD $115) for once
    • This scholarship covers full tuition fees at the best Colombian universities (Master and Doctoral studies).
    Some of the conditions are:
    • Foreign professionals in the range of age between 25-49 years old
    • Have undergraduate degree (university degree or bachelor) in different disciplines
    • To have at least 1 year of professional experience in their field of study
    • The applicant must submit a certificate of the “DELE TEST”* in order to proof the proficiency in the Spanish language, this certificate must have a minimum level of B2 or the applicant can also submit another certificate of Spanish that guarantees the level of Spanish language (spoken and written)
    • The admission letter of the Colombian education institute

    For applications and full information, please visit the ICETEX website: