VLS Announcements 87 - 13 May 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The launch of the Animal Hospital was a huge success, with students and staff mingling with the animals in Bush Court while enjoying the sunshine and activities.

Staff in the School have been extremely successful in gaining ARC Linkage grants this round, please join me in congratulating the staff listed below:

Professor Peter Irwin, Professor Una Ryan and Dr Charlotte Oskam for Tiresome ticks: Ecology and transmission of tick-borne disease in Australia’
Associate Professor Trish Fleming, Professor Giles Hardy and Dr Catherine Baudains for ‘Backyard Bandicoots: Engaging community in urban bushland conservation’
Professor Neal Enright and Dr Joseph Fontaine for ‘Wicked problems: Optimising fire management for a resilient future’

For further information, please see the link to the summary sheet below.

Kind regards

David Hampson

Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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Teaching and Research News [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • ARC Linkage

    This morning the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham announced the outcomes of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects scheme, with Murdoch one of the top performers nationally. A summary sheet of the ARC linkage projects is attached here for your interest.

  • Animal Open Day
  • The Animal Open Day at South Street was a resounding success. An estimated 2000 staff and students attended, getting up close and personal with the array of animals. Information on the new 25% discount available for staff and students at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch Hospital was also distributed. Well done to all involved in what was a great event for Murdoch staff and students.

    Please find below the link, should you or your teams require it, to navigate to the Murdoch University Staff and Students Discount Policy document. We have been advised that it is not necessary to physically sign the document, the fact it is lodged upon the University PPM is sufficient to expect it has been read and understood as per standard terms of employment at Murdoch University.
  • Michelle Austin - Outreach Coordinator - message from Fiona Feist

    Michelle Austin, Outreach Coordinator has moved into the Biology Building, 2nd Floor. Her office is located 2 doors down from main reception in Rm 2.011.

    Please join me in welcoming her to the School.

  • New Human Resources Advisor Rachel Murphy - Message from the Office of People and Culture

    There have been some recent portfolio changes within the People and Culture Advisory team and going forward, Rachel Murphy will now be the HR Advisor for the following clusters within Veterinary and Life Sciences:

    - Environmental & Conservation Sciences
    - Agricultural Sciences
    - Molecular & Biomedical Sciences

    087 Rachel Murphy.jpegRachel has been with the University since 2010 and brings with her a wealth of organisational and HR knowledge to the role. She will be making her way around the School over the next few weeks so feel free to introduce yourself to Rachel when you see her around.

    Melissa Koh will continue to be the main People and Culture contact for the College of Veterinary Medicine as well as The Animal Hospital. The School would also like to sincerely thank Daniel Griffiths for his hard work and support whilst working with the VLS team.
  • Animal Ethics Update

    The Animal Ethics update for May is now available.

  • ARC ERA presentation to the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture

    In March the ARC gave a presentation to the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture which has some in-depth information about ARC funding and the ERA, which may be of interest.

    Please see the links below, in PPT or PDF format. 31 March 2016: ARC and ERA update—Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture – (42 pages, 3MB, PDF ) – (42 pages, 6MB, Powerpoint )
  • Wheat Quality Australia - Call for Expressions of Interest, LMA Phenotyping Service

    Please find attached the documentation for the WQA LMA Phenotyping Service EOI currently being undertaken.

    Critical dates for the process are:

    1. 10 May 2016 Call for Expressions of Interest opened
    2. 20 May 2016 Questions to be submitted to Contact Officer by 5:00pm EST
    3. 10 Jun 2016 EOI Closing Time – 5:00pm EST
    4. 14-24 Jun 2016 Assessment of EOIs
    5. 4-8 Jul 2016 Feedback to Applicants about process

    Questions about the process should be directed to the contact details below.
    Documents include
    A. Confidentiality Undertaking
    B. Call for Expressions of Interest
    C. Response Guide Document

    Wheat Quality Australia
    PO Box 584 Gordon NSW 2072 Australia
    P: + 61 2 9844 5425
    M:+ 61 4 14 326 007

Staff News and Events [Expand All] | [Collapse All]

  • Mental Health First Aid at Murdoch

    This program is available (fully funded by the University) to train and accredit staff to be able to initially help someone experiencing (or about to experience) a mental health crisis until professional help is reached.

    It would be fantastic to get staff trained across our Schools and Offices in this valuable skill; it’s also a rewarding qualification from a personal and professional development perspective.

    A link to last week’s staff announcement is below:

    Also, in relation to knowing what to do in emergency situations, I would like to again promote the emergency response document we released recently that is maintained on our staff and student home pages:

    Security, Safety & Wellbeing Guidelines (including Emergency Response Procedures) 
  • Re-Team - Green Events Information

    Information about upcoming events on Campus can be found here

  • Rose Cuttings Required for a PhD Project

    Mohammed Ibrahim requires cuttings of the following roses for his PhD:
    Floribunda: Iceberg
    Hybrid Tea Rose: Mr Lincoln
    If you are able to help, please could you contact Mohammed on or 0435429730

  • Do you manage a social media platform on behalf of a centre/group/unit/ related to the School of VLS?

    Central Marketing Services are currently looking at Murdoch University social media footprint for the various research groups/centres/units, currently in the order of 380 different accounts for the whole university, with about 80 to 100 for groups/centres or units related to the School of VLS (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram accounts).

    Some of those accounts are being kept active and have high numbers of followers but others seem to be inactive/not monitored. This can be very confusing for people looking for Murdoch accounts. Mel McGreevey (Social Media and Content Marketer) is looking at streamlining the numerous social media accounts and is also available to advise schools on best practice for their social media presence. For the upcoming audit of our social media presence, Mel is asking if we could provide a summary of all our existing social media platforms related to the School (not individual accounts). If you manage or know someone who manages a social media account related to activities in the School of VLS, can you please send the following information to by Friday 13th May:

    Name & URL of the social media account – name of administrator(s) – whether it is active/inactive– name of person who would be nominated to get some training if needed.

  • Healthy adults needed as blood donors to help research on preterm infant sepsis - message from Andrew Curriefor action

    The Invasive Bacterial Diseases Group at Murdoch needs your help!

    We are seeking healthy adults with 10 ml of blood to spare, to assist research in developing new diagnostic tests and treatments for blood infections in preterm infants. Please see attached flyer and contact Ivana Poznic ( or Samuel Whitehouse ( for more information.

  • The Fin Review

    Krista Nicholson is now producing a column in the ManduraMail -

Seminars, Conferences and Scholarships [Expand All] | [Collapse All

  • World Renewable Energy Congress - 5-9 February 2017

    We are organising an international conference to be held at Murdoch University on 5-9 February 2017.

    Please see the attached brochure.

    Please send an abstract for the conference as soon as possible - the due date is 1st July 2016.

    All the full papers presented and received will be reviewed and the selected papers will be published in an international journal.

    Looking forward to see you at the conference.

    To register see our website -

  • West Coast Microbiome Network seminar

    After the success of the inaugural Symposium of the West Coast Microbiome Network (WCMN2016) held in March, Murdoch University is pleased to host the first session of the WCMN seminar monthly series. With decades of experience in the field and countless collaborations worldwide, Associate Professor Richard Allcock (UWA) will guide us through a priceless journey of the 16S amplicon next-generation-sequencing, including common pitfalls, tips, tricks and hints.

    Title – “Assessing the microbiome using 16S amplicon sequencing – Tips, tricks and hints to get the most out of your data”
    Speaker: Associate Professor Richard Allcock (School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The University of Western Australia)

    Abstract :
    The use of deep sequencing of specific loci (eg. 16S rRNA, ITS) has dramatically improved the ability to identify and understand changes in microbiome profiles from a wide variety of substrates. Whilst there have been attempts to standardise many of the individual steps in the process a great deal of variety remains, and users of microbiome data face many choices, all of which may dramatically affect the results. As a provider of NGS services generally, and 16S and ITS sequencing specifically, my laboratory has had the opportunity to work with DNA from many different sources and we have identified many factors which critically affect the success of individual experiments. We have also developed a novel amplification and purification protocol that aims to allow efficient processing of large numbers of samples for sequencing. In this presentation I will describe our observations and provide tips and hints to allow users the greatest chance of gaining meaningful and useful data from their samples.

    Room: VBS3.023
    Date: Friday, 20/05/2016
    Time: 12:30-13:30
    Contact: Dr Andrea Paparini

  • Workforce of the Future - message from Professor Andrew Taggart

    This Friday, I am hosting a session on a Pricewaterhouse Cooper report into the Higher Education Workforce of the Future. Simon Avenell, Partner at PwC Consulting, will be presenting the findings of the report.

    I will also be encouraging questions at the end of the session. I’d like you to encourage your staff to come along to hear the insights from Simon, who was involved in the compilation of the report and has extensive understanding of the intersection between higher education and industry. A proud alumnus of Murdoch University, Simon also holds a PhD in economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This session will take place at 12.30pm on Friday 13 May in the Veterinary Clinical Sciences building, room VCS 2.008.