VLS Announcements 76 - 26 February 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to issue 76 of our weekly announcements.

Activity on  campus has increased this week, as students attended orientation in preparation for Semester 1. I would like to welcome all of our new and returning students and wish them well for Semester 1 2016.

Kind regards

David Hampson

Dean, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences.

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  • Higher Education Standards Framework for Staff Workshops.for action

    A new Higher Education Standards Framework is due to come into effect from 1st January 2017. The University will have to demonstrate compliance with these new standards in order to be registered with TEQSA again in 2020. It is important that all staff, both academic and professional, become familiar with the framework as it relates to their responsibilities.

    A series of one hour interactive workshop to assist staff in familiarising themselves with the standards has been scheduled. This will specifically focus on the standards that relate to teaching and learning and research. There may be some natural overlap with many professional body accreditation requirements and as such it will assist academics to note synergy with these two processes. A series of one hour interactive workshop to assist staff in familiarising themselves with the standards has been scheduled. This will specifically focus on the standards that relate to teaching and learning and research. There may be some natural overlap with many professional body accreditation requirements and as such it will assist academics to note synergy with these two processes.

    Thursday 3 March 2016 12.30 - 1.30 BSLT 2.051 Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

    Tuesday 15th March 2016 12.30 - 1.30 VCSLT 1.106 Environmental and Conservation Sciences

    Thursday 24th March 2016 12.30 - 1.30 VBS 3.024 Agricultural Sciences

    Monday 11th April 2016 3.00-4.00 College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Call for nominations for Fresh Science

    Please find attached details of the Fresh Science competition which is being co-sponsored by the University. Could we ask please that you consider nominating eligible candidates from your area?

  • Urkund and Grammarly Presentation and LMS Introduction

    This 1-hour presentation will provide staff with an overview of Urkund and Grammarly. Urkund is a text-matching service which replaces Turnitin and is integrated with Murdoch’s Learning Management System (Moodle). Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checking service, which is now available to Murdoch students.

    Date: Thursday, 18th February 2016 and this will be repeated on Friday, 26th February 2016
    Time: 9.30am - 10.30am
    Venue: Loneragan Lecture Theatre

    Intended Outcomes

    By the end of this session participants will be able to:

    Self-enrol in the Educational Technologies Help for Staff and Communication Skills Toolkit for Staff LMS units.
    Advise students where to self-enrol in the Educational Technologies Help for Students and Communication Skills Toolkit for Students LMS units.
    Identify how Staff can set up Urkund appropriately.
    Overview of how students can access and use Grammarly.
    Understand the importance of appropriate use of Urkund and Grammarly services in the context of developing student’s writing skills.
    Identify how they and their students can access Urkund and Grammarly support materials and services.

    New academic staff may also be interested in attending the ‘LMS Introduction for New Staff’ on 23 February.
    (please note you will need to enter your Murdoch username and password to access the training course page).

  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

    As some of you may already be aware, Kulbardi is running the cultural awareness program in partnership with OCU this year. I will be facilitating these sessions throughout the year (so you know they’ll be completely fabulous). It’d be great to see members of your team come along a be a part of the conversation. If you participated in the cultural awareness training previously, this will be an extension on that (but still relevant for those yet to undertake this training at Murdoch).

    The dates for the year are below:

    · Thursday 17 March – 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
    · Thursday 21 April – 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
    · Tuesday 23 August – 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
    · Tuesday 11 October 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

    As per usual, sign up through OCU’s TCMS:

  • My Unit Readings

    As previously announced the Library is implementing a new system that creates customised reading lists for units and includes an integrated digitisation request management system.

    The new system called My Unit Readings is a replacement of our current eReserve system and provides substantial improvements, including:

    · all unit readings (digitised content, books, journal articles, websites etc) can be listed in the one place;
    · reading lists can be embedded in LMS units for seamless access to electronic resources and to the Library catalogue;
    · personalised reading lists can be created to suit your unit, and arrange lists by week, topic, assignment or other category;
    · access to analytics for your unit via a dashboard feature.

    We appreciate the time constraints that academics are all under, and the Library would like to assist in facilitating the change process for you.

    Library staff will transfer existing Reserve and eReserve lists for your unit into the new system on your behalf. Following that, your subject librarian will then arrange a time with you to show you your reading list, including how you can arrange it to meet your particular needs.

    For those who decide to undertake this work themselves, librarians are also available to provide training to assist.

  • Careers Week 2016

    The Careers and Employment Centre are hosting Careers Week 2016 which will be held on Bush Court from 7-11 March.

    Careers Week is a full week of activities to increase student engagement in their own career development including:

    · “Speed Interviewing” where students have a short practice interview with an industry or government recruitment professional, receiving feedback on their performance strengths and weakness

    · Networking opportunities at a Professional Associations day where representatives of professional associations talk to students about professional engagement beyond university studies

    · Presentations by Career Development Advisors and industry representatives throughout the week

    · Resume feedback and Careers Q&A opportunities

  • South West fire: Burnt horses make full recovery at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital

    ALL five horses treated at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital (MUVH) for burns sustained during the South-West bushfires have made full recoveries and returned home last week as reported by by Josh Zimmerman | | Melville Times.

    076 Burn Horses

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  • Avoiding Theft on Campus

    It is that time of year again - the start of Semester! We would like to remind you to be vigilant as this is also usually this time of year when most theft occurs.

    In the past we have had incidence of thieves, posing as students, wandering through the buildings as if lost, when in fact looking for valuables left unattended in offices.

    Please be vigilant and do not hesitate to ask strangers who they are and what/who they are looking for. Also please keep your valuables in locked drawers/cupboard and not in full view. This includes phones, staff cards, keys as well as wallets and handbags.

    Thieves have been quite brazen in the past and will not hesitate to grab anything they see lying around. Please watch out for your workmate’s gear as well and don’t assume it’s being looked after by someone else.

  • Reminder - Twitter and Facebook School Accounts

    As you probably know, we now have our own social media presence with School-specific accounts on Facebook and Twitter: MurdochVetLifeSciences Facebook and VetLifeScience Twitter (links are also available on the footer of the VLS Home page).

    Below are some guidelines to decide on which platform to use for your news, depending on your target audience:
    · Our VLS Facebook platform is more specifically targeted towards student audiences (prospective and current undergrad and postgrad), or anyone with an interest in activities linked to the School of VLS. It is a great platform to promote teaching/research news that are relevant to those student audiences.
    · Most major organisations now use Twitter to keep informed on the latest findings in their relevant area of expertise & to promote their news and events. Twitter is a great tool to promote your research and teaching news or any newsworthy items to external organisations, media institutions, potential collaborators or other scientists also on Twitter. (note: the limit for a tweet is under 140 characters including spaces. It can include a picture – equivalent to 24 characters – as well as URL links to expand on your tweet.).

    It would be great to increase our numbers so feel free to like/follow our School accounts, post, share and tweet/retweet if you have any interesting items about your latest research developments, teaching news, awards or any good news relevant to your discipline, group or centre.

    It is early days for both our VLS social media platforms, so do not hesitate to promote them to your peers as both platforms offer great promotional opportunities for your stories and postings. You may also want to add Twitter and Facebook icons & links to your email signature [see instructions on attached document].

    For any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Nathalie on x 2784 or email

  • ASPIRE $5,000 Professional Development Award - closing date 31st March 2016

    Murdoch University places great value on the annual Professional Development Awards program which is run in conjunction with Perth Convention Bureau under the Bureau's Aspire Program. Open to both academic and professional services staff, the awards provide the winners with the opportunity to travel, to broaden their global networks and knowledge and profile themselves, the University and Western Australia to their peers.

    What is a Professional Development Award?
    The 2016 Professional Development Awards consist of two $5,000 grants that will be presented to Murdoch University staff members to assist in their personal and professional development through attendance at a relevant international conference in their chosen field of endeavour.

    How do I win?
    Simply research an international conference that has the potential to be staged in Western Australia and present a brief case as to why that conference should be held here.

    What is the $5000 used for?
    The award covers air travel as well as accommodation and registration to a relevant conference to a maximum of $5,000. In the event that the successful applicant’s organisation is not currently a member of their international body, the $5,000 award can contribute to the cost of their joining fee.

    Who funds the awards?
    The awards are proudly funded by the Perth Convention Bureau (PCB) under it's Aspire Program. PCB is responsible for marketing Western Australia both nationally and internationally as a conference destination. In fulfilling this role PCB assists individuals and organisations to bring their national and international conferences to the State. The awards program aims to raise the profile of individuals and their professional organisations, showcasing the ground breaking research and development being undertaken in our universities and ultimately resulting in conferences being secured for the State, delivering economic benefit to the wider community.

    For further information, University application and guidelines, please access .

    Application deadline for entries close on 31 March 2016.

  • The Re* Team

    The Re* Team are volunteer sustainability champions located within most Schools and Offices. For further information, please see the attached flyer.

  • Friday after work drinks - 26/02/16

    Every last Friday of the month there will be an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and enjoy the start of the weekend with some drinks and nibbles. Where? BSB common room (building 240, room 2.020) starting at 4pm

Seminars, Conferences and Scholarships [Expand All] | [Collapse All

  • Special Seminar by Dr Christina Walters, 4pm, Tue 1 March 2016

    Dr Christina Walters (USDA-ARS National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation) is presenting "Solid-State" Biology: A new perspective on survival and keeping time in dry seeds. For further information, please see attached.

  • Leadership development scholarships

    On the 4th November the National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative (NEELI) officially opened enquiries for a newly created scholarship fund to support increased leadership capability throughout the Higher Education sector.

    $3,500 Scholarships are available to assist University staff to participate in the Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium. Colloquium participants will experience world standard leadership development sympathetic to the unique needs of today’s educational leaders.

    The Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium is a collaboration orientated development program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective leadership and interpersonal communication. The program equips participants with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own development as they simultaneously strengthen the performance of their teams and their organisations. The Colloquium stands at the very forefront of integrated digital learning technology and marries the very best of connected dialogic learning with easy to use and highly accessible online environments. Delivered over an extended ten-month period to ensure minimal disruption to participant’s workload, the program combines the very best leadership pedagogy from the corporate sector with an informed understanding of the contemporary higher education environment.

    * Increased access to content and live sessions from any desktop or mobile device – no travel or accommodation costs or time away from the workplace
    * Full library of resources, models, reading materials and video tutorials – all available 24/7 to work though at your own pace
    * Increased networking and connecting opportunities – with likeminded peers both nationally and internationally

    The Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium is designed for leaders and people managers across all areas of the Australian Higher Education sector. For more information view the program prospectus by clicking on the link below.

    To view the program prospectus click here

    Scholarships of $3,500 are currently available. Scholarships offset a significant portion of the program fee reducing the cost from $5,980 to $2,480. Scholarship funding is awarded by the National Scholarship Committee based on a written application process.

    Step 1. Submit scholarship enquiry by return email or phone
    Step 2. You will be contacted by a program liaison officer to assess your eligibility for the program
    Step 3. You may be invited to apply for a scholarship place on the program

  • Aurora Internship Program - upcoming winter 2016 round

    Online applications open soon for the Aurora Internship Program continues to place law, anthropology and other social science (namely archaeology, cultural heritage, environmental management, human geography, history and sociology) students and graduates from Australian universities at Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs), Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) and at other organisations involved in policy development, research and social justice, all working to support the broader Indigenous sector Australia-wide.

    The Program introduces candidates to career opportunities in native title and the Indigenous sector and at the same time provides assistance to under-resourced and over-worked organisations.

    We would be grateful if you could assist with the promotion of the upcoming round by arranging for the attached flyers to be posted on your faculty website and/or circulating it to interested students and appropriate staff. This has been published online via Career Hub. The on-line application period for the winter 2016 round of internships is from Monday 7th March through Friday 1st April 2016. Applications and more information about the Program can be accessed via the Aurora website at

  • DFAT Invitation: Sanctions Briefing for Universities: 9.30am Friday 26 February 2016

    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on developments in domestic and international sanctions regimes.

    We will host a briefing for universities in Perth next Friday, 26 February 2016 at 9.30am in our office at Level 17, Exchange Tower, Sherwood Court, Perth.
    Please let me know if you will be able to attend, and feel free to circulate this invitation to interested people within your network, noting RSVPs should be sent to
    DFAT is committed to conducting regular outreach sessions on Australian sanction and foreign bribery laws for businesses and individuals.
    Any queries relating to foreign bribery can be directed to:
    Any queries relation to sanctions can be directed to:

  • Seminar Wednesday 2 March by Dr Amanda Cleaver

    Dr Amanda Cleaver, Project Manager, Raine Medical Research Foundation will be holding a seminar on Wednesday 2 March at 11am regarding the Raine Medical Research Foundation Funding Information program. This will be held in the McCusker conference room at the Institute for Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Building 390, Discovery Way, Murdoch University. Please see attached flyer for details.

VLS Announcements No. 76