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We are working towards enhancing the understanding and management of the environment for social and ecological values through science and engagement.

Sustainability Management & Policy


Terrestrial ecology; restoration ecology; spatial ecology & remote sensing; disturbance ecology


Wetland, river, estuary and marine ecology and management; Climate change adaptation; Disturbance ecology; Restoration ecology; Community ecology; Water quality and nutrient dynamics; Remote sensing; Behavioural ecology; population ecology.


Atmospheric Science; Climate change modelling; Air quality; emissions control


Biodiversity Conservation; Fauna; Spatial ecology; Plant ecology; Woodland and Forest Health


Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Policy & Law; Tourism; Community engagement in conservation; Protected area management; Citizen science; Education for Sustainability; GIS & Spatial planning

Key questions in this research theme include:

  • How do organisms interact with the environment?
  • How do ecosystems function and interact across terrestrial and aquatic landscapes?
  • Can we balance human use with ecological values?
  • How does the environment interact with and influence plant, animal and human health?
  • Can we increase community engagement to achieve positive sustainability outcomes?
  • How can policy and management be best informed by science?
  • How can environmental policies be most effective in achieving environmental outcomes?
  • How do the timing, order and severity of disturbance events such as fire, drought and disease impact on forest and woodland health and biodiversity?
  • How is Phytophthora cinnamomi impacting on the health and function of susceptible ecosystems in the southwest of Western Australia?

Our key approaches and tools include:

  • Geographical information systems and spatial modelling
  • Intensive and extensive field trials
  • Advanced molecular technologies- proteomics, metabolomics, next generation sequencing
  • Population monitoring
  • Risk assessments
  • Glasshouse trials
  • Citizen science