Master of Veterinary Studies in Veterinary Surveillance

Expand your training, help prevent and control disease, and improve biosecurity and food security.

Expand your expertise in disease surveillance, risk assessment and disease control

Building on your Veterinary Science qualification our renowned academic staff will train you to become a leader in biosecurity, epidemiology and disease surveillance. You will learn about methods to investigate disease; develop, analyse and interpret disease studies; and explore biosecurity, epidemiology, economics and risk assessment of animal and human diseases.

This degree is ideal for veterinarians working in Government organisations/facilities, international organisations and consultants or private practitioners working with production animals.

Make the world a safer place

Disease is a significant factor limiting the productivity of livestock and affecting human and animal health in both developed and developing nations. New, emerging and re-emerging diseases of animals can have a considerable effect on a country’s economy, as well as impacting directly on the lives of the community, farmers and their families. In this course you will obtain the skills essential to minimise disease incursions, monitor the presence of diseases and design and evaluate control measures to restrict disease impact.

In this degree you will also complete a one semester project leading to a short dissertation. These projects can be developed specifically in a topic/area that you are passionate about, furthering your knowledge and experience in the field and expanding your future career opportunities.

Graduates from all over the world have enrolled in the Masters of Veterinary Studies (Veterinary Surveillance). Enrolment in this Masters course gives you the opportunity to network with graduates from many different regions and from very different backgrounds to ensure the health of our human and animal populations.

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