Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre (SABC)

The SABC is the collaborative university Centre for R&D in agricultural and veterinary biotechnology in Western Australia. It provides platform technologies and world class equipment and facilities for R&D in agricultural biotechnology to researchers from universities, state government and industry. More than 20 research groups and companies rent space and use the SABC facilities. It is based at Murdoch University in Perth.

The research focus is on molecular activities that involve or promote primary production of commercial livestock, crop plants or microbes, or their subsequent processing for added value. The SABC also supports research in biomedical sciences, and environmental biotechnology.

SABC researchers have an outstanding track record of outputs and outcomes. These include the provision of co-located, state-of-the art, well run platform technologies for all WA researchers plant breeding support leading to improved crop varieties (molecular markers, yield, resistance to diseases and pests, better quality, variety ID, diagnostics), improved productivity and health of livestock, and biomedical diagnostics.

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