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Queries about workshops or seminars

Our School sometimes offers workshops or seminars specifically designed for high school students.  To enquire about upcoming programs related to Veterinary and Life Sciences, or to obtain assistance with developing workshops tailored to the requirements of your high school, please contact .

Biotech out of the Box

The Biotech out of the Box program offers a resource designed to support Western Australian high schools in presentation of the new biotechnology content introduced by the Curriculum Council of W.A. to Biology and Human Biology courses. The program offers free loan kits for learning about DNA electrophoresis in schools, teacher and technician training and curriculum aligned kit activities.

The Biotech out of the Box program has optimised simple alternatives for demonstration of DNA gel electrophoresis in high schools, replacing agarose, DNA and carcinogenic staining methods with agar-based gels and non-hazardous dyes. Our loan kits are designed to utilise these alternatives with real scientific equipment which is also robust, compact and portable.

What is in the box?

The kit contains everything required to conduct simulations of gel electrophoresis as well as instruction sheets for teachers, technicians and students.

Training sessions

Training sessions for teachers and technicians are held at Murdoch University. They are hands-on laboratory workshops which introduce the practical aspects of DNA electrophoresis and simple exercises in DNA extraction.