Medical and Molecular Sciences

Associate Professor Wayne Greene - Medical & Molecular Sciences cluster leaderA welcome message from Associate Professor Wayne Greene, Cluster Leader of Medical and Molecular Sciences.

Academic and scientific staff in the Medical and Molecular Sciences Cluster are engaged in a wide range of research endeavours, with infectious disease (microbiology, parasitology and anti-microbial resistance) and immunity constituting a major theme. Other key areas of interest include metabolomics, biochemistry and toxicology, haematology, anatomical science and evolutionary biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, nitrogen fixation in legumes, forensic analysis and forensic entomology. Our broad research interests are strongly built around multi-disciplinarity, with our academics collaborating with numerous research institutions and industry bodies locally, nationally and internationally. Current projects are funded both by industry and government bodies, such as the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The Medical and Molecular Sciences Cluster undertakes research with an overall mission to improve human and animal health, agriculture and forensic investigation. The 2015 Federal Government’s ‘Excellence in Research Australia' assessment has recently endorsed the quality of our work at Murdoch University. Medical Microbiology, Clinical Sciences and Agricultural Biotechnology were all given the highest possible assessment at “well above world standard”, while Immunology, Genetics, Crop and Pasture Production and Evolutionary Biology were each rated very highly at “above world standard”. Among other things, our research has discovered new abnormalities in cancer, helped understand the problem of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, found hazardous contaminants in traditional medicines, identified key immunity defects in premature babies, is characterising the diseases carried by tick parasites, is informing best practice in forensic investigation, and has provided new genetic explanations for the evolution of life on earth.

The Cluster has a fascinating and exciting teaching program, and is committed to providing a high quality educational experience for all our students. BSc undergraduate majors and Honours, plus Masters and PhD programs are offered in Biomedical Science, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Genetics and Molecular Biology, and Forensic Biology and Toxicology, with our academics also teaching into Veterinary Medicine and, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), into the Basic and Clinical Sciences component of UNDA Medicine. A Masters degree is offered in Forensic Science (Professional Practice) for high-level training of forensic professionals. Our graduates obtain positions in both the public and private sectors, spanning the full breadth of the health, biotechnology and legal industries. Our courses are also excellent pre-medical preparation for entry into Graduate Medicine and many other health-related, postgraduate degrees.

Associate Professor Wayne Greene

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