Agricultural Sciences

Professor Richard Harper - Agricultural Sciences cluster leaderA message from Professor Richard Harper, Cluster Leader of Agricultural Sciences.

Researchers in the Agriculture Cluster undertake research to improve the profitability of food production and farming systems through improved yields, better quality, reduced impact of pests and diseases, and improved biosecurity. Our world class science changes practice in critical industries. Current projects span Australia’s major animal industries (cattle, sheep, pigs), cereal crops (wheat, barley), horticulture (potato) and climate change mitigation (soils, animals, plants) and involve laboratory, controlled environment and field investigations.

The 2015 ‘Excellence in Research Australia’ assessment highlighted the depth and breadth of the Cluster’s work. Agricultural Biotechnology was assessed as “well above world standard”, Crops and Pasture Production and Forestry Sciences were “above world standard” and Animal Production at world standard.

The Cluster comprises 120 research and teaching staff and supports 70 PhD and MSc Research Students. The national and international reputation of our researchers is reflected in their participation in Australian and international research consortia and active research collaborations with research organisations and universities of global standing. Current projects are undertaken in various locations across Australia and internationally and funded by industry, Research and Development Corporations, Cooperative Research Centres, the Australian Research Council and other government programs.

The Cluster has an active teaching program. BSc majors and Honours programs are offered in Animal Science, Biological Sciences, Animal Health and Crop and Pasture Science, with academics also teaching into an array of Veterinary Science, Environmental Science and Engineering units. Masters degrees are offered in Food Security and Plant Biosecurity. Graduates obtain positions in industry and government across the breadth of the agriculture-agribusiness sector.

Professor Richard Harper

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