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Internships through Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

● Internships that count towards your LLB
● Gain valuable experience through practical work placements.
● State, National and International Opportunities

The School of Law is committed to preparing its students to be highly productive members of the workforce in the future. To this end, students have the opportunity to undertake a Work Integrated Learning unit (WIL) (Internship) for credit and gain valuable practical experience in the workplace, communities and the profession.

Internship opportunities range from:
- local law firms,
- government,
- professional law services
- international law organisations in Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia,
- multinational corporations in Germany (that may led to longer term employment opportunities).

Senior Murdoch Law students are taking advantage of opportunities to integrate their legal knowledge into the workplace at various law firms and government agencies around Perth and Internationally. As well as a valuable learning experience for students, these internships make a positive contribution to the organisation and provide a significant asset to short term, workplace projects and tasks, such as research, trial preparation, client interview and drafting. This provides an opportunity for our students to experience and obtain some of the key work ready skills required when they graduate.

Criminology students may also eligible to complete workplacement internships as part of their course structure. For more information visit the Criminology discipline page.

160819 - WIL Testimonial - Mountain Lawyers Pty Ltd - DZINKIC Nikolina.jpg160819 - WIL Testimonial - Consulate General of the United States - GOODGER Emily.jpg
Left: Nikolina Dzinkic at Mountain Lawyers Pty Ltd. Right: Emily Goodger at the Consulate General of the United States

Student Testimonials

  • Katie Breese at Criminal Injuries Compensation

    “I enrolled in LLB301 for the practical experience and the exposure to a different learning atmosphere. I was lucky enough to receive an internship at the Criminal Injuries Compensation office. This was a great experience and one of the most informative and interactive practical components of my degree. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and the exposure to the legal environment has emphasised my desire to pursue a career in law. I encourage all law students to participate in an internship and I found it to be a very relevant unit that is essential learning for aspiring lawyers.” - Katie Breese

  • Nikolina Dzinkic at Mountains Lawyers Pty Ltd

    “Learning the law theoretically at Murdoch University is great, and gives me the skills, knowledge and critical thought required to succeed in the industry. However, acquiring the knowledge of what the profession itself entails, what a legal workplace is really like and whether it is something I would like to pursue as a career, is extremely difficult to convey through theory. This is why I chose to undertake Murdoch’s LLB301 Internships unit. After four weeks of interning at a law practice, I have had the opportunity to learn these things and decide whether this is the career for me, all the while gaining points for the completion of my degree. I couldn’t recommend it enough to any student!” - Nikolina Dzinkic

  • Emily Goodger at Consulate General of the United States

    “This internship program has been an incredible opportunity to gain practical experience in the U.S. Foreign Service and allowed me to develop a broad range of skills in diplomacy and international relations. I was assigned as the Political Intern assisting the Political Advisor to the Consul General. As an intern my tasks were varied and often challenged my abilities when researching a number of complex topics relating to federal and state politics, international affairs, the economy, state development and trade. I was able to participate in a number of events hosted by the Consul General where I was able to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, the Australian Ambassador to the U.S (Hon. Mr Kim Beazley), U.S. Foreign Service Officers, State and Federal Politicians, and Business and Community Representatives. Overall, it was an outstanding opportunity to experience a career in the Foreign Service and it was a highly rewarding program since I was able to contribute to a number of projects being undertaken by the office.” - Emily Goodger

Further Information

Students seeking further information on the possibility of participating in an internship as part of their degree should contact