School of law

Murdoch University School of Law’s International Human Rights Law Program will offer participating students the opportunity to engage with experts working in the Human Rights field. This includes interacting with officials, diplomats and international jurists as part of this unique teaching experience and attending a number of other functions and activities which vary from year to year.

The International Human Rights Law Program anticipates that the following events will take place:

  • Petite Verrée d’Accueil/Welcoming Reception: An inaugural drinks and nibbles in the first week to enable students to meet and make plans together, as well as to familiarise themselves with the facilities and staff the Centre international réformé John Knox.
  • The first day takes students into the heart of the United Nations where they tour the building and have unprecedented access to the Human Rights Council to observe it in action.
  • Australians working in Geneva function, this allows students to network with many people from all levels of the Human Rights framework.
  • Site visit to the United Nations, NGO and other agencies and other international organisations.