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The venue

Macerata is a provincial capital in the Marches region of Italy, about 35 km from the Adriatic Sea and 250 km from Rome. It is world-renown for its annual open-air opera festival in July which takes place in the 7,000-seater Sferisterio - a Neoclassical arena erected in the 1820s. Though much of the city centre was built between the 16th and 19th centuries, it also has many sites of historical and archaeological interest.

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The teaching of law has an even more ancient tradition in the city, with the Università di Macerata having individuals studying law as far back as 1290, making it one of Europe’s oldest universities. It has remained over the centuries a prestigious institution of higher education and linked to distinguished jurists from all over Europe.

A State university of more than 12,000 students with Programs in all major social sciences disciplines (education and training, law, literature & philosophy, economics & finance, cultural heritage, political science and social science & communications), the Università di Macerata has a number of well-known research institutes, including an Institute of International and European Union law. It is in part this expertise in international and European law which Murdoch and other law students will be able to benefit from as part of the European Summer Law Program.