School of Engineering and IT

PV Systems and Applications

The PV Systems group came to Murdoch following the closure of the Solar Energy Research Institute of WA in 1987. This group soon became established as the pre-eminent research group for PV systems work in Australia and MUERI was selected as the site for the Australian Government’s RAPS display in 1992. MUERI assisted the WA Government in establishing its successful RAPS support program during the 1990s and MUERI was approached by the Japan Quality Assurance organisation (JQA) to establish a testing program in three regions of Australia in 1995.

MUERI led the successful bid to establish the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) in 1996 and Dr Trevor Pryor from MUERI led the PV Systems Integration Program. In this capacity, Trevor Pryor and his MUERI colleagues played a pivotal role in designing and testing the successful PV systems used in the Bushlight program. Following the closure of ACRE in 2004, RISE was established, with PV testing and standards as part of its portfolio. This work was funded by the AGO as part of a national standards and testing program to support the RE industry.

RISE carried out testing of PV panels and associated components of RAPS systems (diesel generators, inverters, batteries). This work has now been transferred to MUERI. The group has good facilities for PV testing at its outdoor test area.

Staff working on PV Systems and Applications:

Academic Staff

Dr Trevor Pryor – testing of PV modules and systems
Dr Martina Calais – grid connected PV systems technology, inverter testing and grid-connection issues
Dr Tania Urmee – PV in Developing countries

PhD Students

Kirti Mala – PV systems in the Pacific
David Weinholz – the use of PV for load lopping
Hans Holtorf – Success factors for PV Solar Home Systems