School of Engineering and IT

Murdoch University Energy Research and Innovation Group (MUERI)

Murdoch University has been involved in energy research and development since the University commenced in 1975. In the early years the focus was primarily on energy efficiency and energy policy. The PV device group was established in 1980 and began working on amorphous silicon solar cells in 1986. It was joined by the PV systems group, which founded the Murdoch University Energy Research Institute (MUERI) in 1987. During the late 1990s Murdoch University hosted the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) and this organisation supported the establishment of testing and standards facilities and the teaching of renewable energy education.

After the closure of ACRE in 2004, the University established the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE) to carry on the testing and standards work for the wind and PV industries. Following the closure of RISE in 2010 some of its capabilities were transferred to the School of Engineering and Information Technology, where they have been combined with the School’s additional expertise in energy studies and renewable energy, to form a “new MUERI” - the Murdoch University Energy Research and Innovation Group (MUERI).

MUERI has the following research underway:

MUERI is a cross-disciplinary group and has strong collaboration with The Algae R&D Centre at Murdoch. This collaboration includes work on computational modelling of the algal cultivation systems, process design, process control and techno-economic assessment of a range of systems or applications. The effective use of solar irradiance and manipulation of the spectra of light microalgae receive is a further area of interest. The cross-disciplinary nature of this research allows us to capitalise on new and novel processes or technologies which can be used to improve the cultivation of microalgae.

In addition, the School of Engineering and Information Technology offers courses in several aspects of energy, including: