School of Engineering and IT

Engineering research

We’ve been at the cutting edge of energy research and development since Murdoch University opened its doors in 1975. Today, our School is leading sustainable energy research and education through the Murdoch University Energy Research and Innovation Group (MUERI).

Current research projects at MUERI include:

Our staff have varied research interests and present their work at weekly research seminars, which are also open to postgraduate students.

Explore research opportunities within the school, talk to us about your research project or find out more about studying a research degree.

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Information Technology research

Our research Information Technology projects are backed by highly qualified staff, dedicated research laboratories and a passion to explore a range of challenges, from advanced technologies to cultural issues.

Our Computer Science research covers a range of topics including image recognition and processing, parallel computing, complex adaptive systems and bioinformatics. Distributed systems, software engineering and communication networks are also important research areas.

While our Computer Science research has a technological focus, our Information Systems research covers social, cultural and organisational aspects of IT. Our major research themes include end-user computing, computing education and decision support, HCI, multimedia and culture-specific developments.

Our research groups and centres include:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence - Our current projects span fields such as robotics, computer games, automated cinematics, and machine learning.
  • Information Systems Research Group - A broad range of research areas within information systems are explored. These include: information security behaviour, e-learning and information technology education, social media, open source software collaboration, HCI.
  • Intelligent Virtual Environment and Simulation - IVES focuses on intelligent data analytics, data science, data mining, pattern recognition, 3D virtual environments (including Virtual and Augmented Realities), simulation, human computer interactions and interfaces, learning analytics, and computational intelligence techniques.
  • Networking and Security Research Group - Both applied and theoretical topics are explored. The pure networking topics include: routing protocols, wireless networks, TCP congestion control and Active Queue Management (AQM), IPv6 and Mobility. Areas of exploration in security include: host-based security models, legal issues in information technology, covert channels, applied forensics, industrial control systems and cyber incident response policy.

Mathematics & Statistics research

Our Mathematic and Statistics staff have a strong focus for research with interests spread across oceanographic, industrial and biological modelling; biomedical, social and theoretical statistics; computational mathematics; discrete pure mathematics and physics/engineering. Some staff play key roles in major areas of research capability within the University including the biomedical (immunology) and engineering fields.

Current Research Projects:

1. Centre for Combinatorics on Words & Applications

Established in late 2014 in the School of Engineering & Information Technology (Department of Mathematics & Statistics), the CCWA brings together distinguished researchers from all over the world, together with their students. It features a Registry of Open Problems, submitted by workers in the field, a treasure trove for PhD candidates and their supervisors!

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