SONIA Online Student Placement Management System

What is SONIA?

"SONIA" is the online Student Placement Management System and will be vital to you as an Education student. Your SONIA account will be activated by the Professional Experience office when you become enrolled in school experience placement units (we will notify you by email when this happens).

When your placements for a unit are complete they will be uploaded onto SONIA for you to see. This is also where you will be able to see other details such as the year level and subject you will be teaching, your School Experience Coordinator and Moderator contact details and any other information you need to know. You will also use SONIA to enter your teaching areas (A and B); upload all the various checks and clearances that are required before undertaking a school placement; and also to upload all midway and final reports that are completed during the prac.

Login to SONIA.

How do I enter my Teaching Areas on SONIA?

1. Sign in to SONIA and select My Details.

2. Enter your Teaching Area A (Major) and Teaching Area B (Minor) as shown below - Your Teaching Area A (Major) should be identified with a tick.

SONIA Teaching Areas.jpg

How do I enter my Disability or Equity needs on SONIA?

Select "My Details". If you have any requirements registered at the Equity Office that may affect your placement please list under Disability or Equity needs. See example above.

How do I declare a Conflict of Interest on SONIA?

Select "My Details". Under "My Details", enter any professional or personal relationships at schools you may have under "Conflict of Interest". This includes any school staff member you may know, and also the school that your children attend. See example above.

How do I find out information about my placement?

Select "Placements" to see if any information about your upcoming school prac/placement unit has been posted. (NOTE: You must be enrolled in the unit in order to receive any information about the unit!). See example below:

SONIA placement.png

I can't see my unit on SONIA

First, please make sure you are enrolled in your unit! And make sure you have submitted your online SONIA placement form (this is required for EVERY professional unit you are enrolled in).

I can see my placement on SONIA, but I do not know any details (such as year, subject etc)

It is most likely that the reason you do not know these details is because we do not know either. We rely on the schools to give us this information and sometimes for one reason or another they are unable to tell us straight away. In this case it is best to just be patient.

How do I complete the Placement Form on SONIA?

Select "Forms" to complete your Placement Form (which you just do for every placement unit you are enrolled in). It is important to add any necessary information at the end of the Placement Form that could affect you getting to your school prac placement. This could include transportation (eg. need to be located on public transport) or other matters (such as location of the child care centre your child may be using). Also, please make sure to also fill out the form with the address you will be at for the duration of the prac.

The form can only be submitted onto SONIA once you have entered the date at the very end of the form.

When you have successfully submitted your Placement form on SONIA, you will see a tick - see example below.

SONIA placement form.png

NOTE: If you want to alter any information on your Placement Form, you will need to email your changes to

How do I complete the Pre-Service Teacher Agreement Form on SONIA?

This is located under "Forms". To complete, follow the same instructions for the Placement Form (see above).

NOTE: Once completed, your Pre-Service Teacher Agreement Form will last for the duration of your Education studies.

How do I upload my Checks and Clearances on SONIA?

1. Select "Documents". Then select " + Add new document".

SONIA documents.png

2. When prompted, type in the file name of the document, and under "category" , choose "Clearances".

NOTE: you can upload a document either by scanning it as a PDF or taking a photo of it on your phone and uploading it as a JPeg file.

SONIA add new document.png

How do I upload my Midway and Final Reports onto SONIA?

Follow the same instructions for uploading Checks and Clearances (see above), but under "category", choose "Reports".

NOTE: you can upload a document either by scanning it as a PDF or taking a photo of it on your phone and uploading it as a JPeg file.

How can I see what checks and clearances I have submitted?

Select "Checks", and a screen will display the clearances and forms you have submitted. The expiry date of each clearance is displayed under "Value".

SONIA checks.png

My address/contact details have changed, how do I let the Professional Experience Office know?

It is your responsibility to change your details on Callista (MyInfo) which will automatically update SONIA.