Placement Process

Pre-Service Teachers should be aware that the Professional Experience Office organises over 2000 places every year and it is therefore imperative that Pre-Service Teachers follow the procedures described below.

Allocation of School Placements

Pre-Service Teachers enrolled in all other Professional Experience units SHOULD NOT contact schools for a placement.

It is the Professional Experience Office's responsibility to organise all placements, except where otherwise indicated by the relevant Unit Coordinator, or for some external Pre-Service Teachers, completing their Professional Experience in rural, interstate or overseas locations.

Contacting Pre-Service Teachers

Requests for submission of placement forms prior to each Professional Experience unit as well as information regarding your professional experience will be issued via the Pre-Service Teacher’s Murdoch email address.

Pre-Service Teachers should check their Murdoch email address at least weekly for updates about Professional Experience.

If Pre-Service Teachers change any of their contact details, they should update this information on their MyInfo and inform the Professional Experience Office immediately.

Conflict of Interest

Pre-Service Teachers cannot be placed in a school where they have personal or, in some cases, professional connections. It is the Pre-Service Teachers’ responsibility to notify the Professional Experience office if there is a potential conflict of interest in their placement in a particular school

Placement Forms

The Professional Experience Office can only organise places in schools after a placement form has been received.

Placement forms provide the Professional Experience Office with the most current information about Pre-Service Teachers' contact details and requirements for Professional Experience units. Pre-Service Teachers need to ensure that all parts of the form have been completed.

A separate placement form is required for each Professional Experience unit (except Final Professional Experience 1&2). The Professional Experience Office will upload onto SONIA the required placement form to each enrolled Pre-Service Teacher approximately 5-6 weeks prior to each Professional Experience unit.

Placement Procedure Time Frame

The time frames are in place to enable the Professional Experience Office to complete the necessary administrative tasks before Pre-Service Teachers go into a school.

Failure to submit the required paperwork on time may result in the pre-service teacher not being placed at the scheduled time.

Note: Before each placement, there is a meeting held for Pre-Service Teachers to discuss the requirements for each placement. With the exception of Pre-Service Teachers living in the country/interstate/overseas, all Pre-Service Teachers should attend this meeting.

Time frame Student's responsibility Professional Experience Office's responsibility
Start of Semester.

Enrol in relevant Professional Experience unit through MyInfo

NOTE: if Pre-service Teachers enrol late in any Professional Experience unit, they should notify the Professional Experience office immediately

Approximately 6 weeks prior to the Professional Experience unit. Complete placement form on SONIA immediately. The placement form indicates to the Professional Experience Office that Pre-service Teachers are still enrolled and that they intend to complete the Professional Experience unit at the designated time.

Enrolment database downloaded

Request via email that all enrolled Pre-service Teachers complete and submit placement form via SONIA online.

If Pre-service Teachers are not enrolled, they cannot receive the placement email.

Approximately 4-5 weeks prior to Professional Experience Unit.

Check SONIA Placement System to ensure your clearances are current. When your placement information has been finalised you will be able to access the details of your School, Mentor Teacher and University Representative. NOTE: You will only be able to access your placement information if your clearances are current.

Notify Murdoch schools of request for places and follow up as necessary.
Within 2 weeks prior to commencement of Professional Experience. Check Murdoch email address and SONIA for school placement details.

Notify Pre-service Teachers of placement (group email and SONIA) and date/time/venue for Professional Experience meeting.

Approximately 10 days prior to Professional Experience. Attend meeting to discuss Professional Experience requirements Conduct meeting to discuss requirements for the placement

Approximately 1 week prior to commencement of Professional Experience.

Meet Mentor Teacher prior to commencement of Professional Experience to discuss school context, curriculum and timetables.

Complete all required aspects of Professional Experience

Final day of Professional Experience.

Ensure you keep a copy of the final report.

Provide morning tea for School staff. Ensure that you thank your Mentor Teacher, School Coordinator and School Principal for hosting you in their School.

Complete feedback form if applicable

Collect reports submitted by School Coordinator
After completion of Professional Experience unit.

Results to the Division. Results are available after Board of Examiners’ meeting at the end of the semester


Prior to each Professional Experience, there is a meeting to discuss the particular requirements of the unit. It is important that all Pre-Service Teachers attend this meeting so that professional and teaching requirements are clarified, questions answered and organisational details addressed.

Notification about the meeting will be distributed via email and via the LMS Hub. For Pre-service Teachers enrolled in secondary programs, meetings will generally be held 10 days prior to the commencement of Professional Experience. For Pre-service Teachers enrolled in primary programs, meetings, in most cases, will be held 2-3 weeks prior to the commencement of Professional Experience.

Attendance at these meetings is compulsory (except for Pre-service Teachers in rural areas/ interstate/overseas). An attendance register will be kept at all meetings.

Contacting Mentor Teachers

As Pre-service Teachers progress through their units, they need to be mindful of the changing requirements associated with being ‘a Pre-service Teacher’ to being ‘a Teacher’. Part of this transition entails the development of acceptable standards of conduct and abiding by a code of ethics that are appropriate to the profession. These qualities are articulated in the Murdoch University Graduate Attributes and in the Murdoch University policy on Professional Behaviours in the Workplace.

One of the ways Pre-service Teachers demonstrate the qualities of professionalism, is to ensure that they maintain regular and frequent contact as required with all people connected with Professional Experience, ie, Mentor Teachers and the Professional Experience Office.

Pre-service Teachers will be allocated a University Representative for each Professional Experience unit, except for some units that are distributed. The Moderator’s role is to communicate with the school and seek feedback about the Professional Experience placements. The University Representative will also meet and liaise with all Pre-service Teachers as a group at or before the commencement of the placement to introduce themselves and depending on the length of the placement will visit the school on one or more occasions. If Pre-service Teachers are having difficulties during the placement it is suggested that they contact their Unit Coordinator for assistance.

If Pre-service Teachers are completing a distributed placement, they should ensure that they keep in regular contact with the mentor teacher for support and advice. Unit coordinators and the coordinator of Pre-service Teachers in schools (usually a Deputy Principal) may also be contacted on a needs basis.

School Coordinators, Mentor Teachers, and the Professional Office all need to be notified if a Pre-service Teacher is absent for any reason or if there are changes to their timetable.

At least one week prior to each Professional Experience unit (except BED150 or EDN1121), Pre-service Teachers must contact their Mentor Teacher. An initial telephone call should be followed by a visit to the school unless otherwise indicated by the mentor teacher to discuss the particular teaching and other requirements associated with the placement. At this time, Pre-service Teachers should introduce themselves to the School Coordinator of pre-service teacher teachers (usually a Deputy Principal).