Checks and clearances

There are several checks and clearances that students must provide before undertaking any school experience at a Western Australian school. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that their clearances and checks are up to date.

**NOTE: First year education students (both undergrad and postgrad) will only be able to enrol in professional experience units when both clearances (Working With Children and National Police History Check) have been received. Please email your clearances to OR present hard copies of clearances to the Student Centre (Bush Court) or Education Reception (Education & Humanities building). When both clearances have been received, your enrolment status into first year professional experience units will change from INVALID to ENROLLED.

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Clearances (Other States)


For pre-service teachers wanting to undertake professional experience in a Queensland State School, you will need a Blue Card (Working With Children Check) as issued by the Queensland Government. Click here to apply.


To be eligible for a professional experience placement in NSW government public schools, it is a requirement that pre-service teachers must have completed the following three requirements:


The DET HR website provides the following information and contact details for further enquiries.

Northern Territory

Doing a placement in a school will require a Working with Children Ochre Card. Obtaining a criminal history check is entirely up to the school and placement coordinator. By experience, students doing their placement usually get asked to get the ochre card and criminal history check done before commencing.

South Australia

In South Australia anyone working with children needs to have a Criminal History Check.

Once cleared by DCSI (Dept for Communities and Social Inclusion), the applicant will receive an official clearance letter in the mail. This letter is all that needs to be produced as proof of clearance.


Pre-service and graduate teachers in Tasmania are required to be qualified of good character. Click here for more information. You will also need to fill out an Education and Care/Child Care Saftey Screening Application form, which you can download here.